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Slip Stream & Crystal Portals - MP3 Audio Download


Session Date: 8-14-10 San Francisco

Slip Stream: Bashar discusses how to become much more superconductive, hyper-conductive of the energy that you are flowing through your being, your body, your consciousness.  So that you can gain a handle on how to allow this energy to serve you best, in the most consciousness way possible.

Crystal Portals: Bashar discusses the vortices that are created by the overlapping of energy streams of an energy net or doorways and gateways that connect an infinite number of realities and dimensions.

Slip Stream Q&A Includes:

  • What role do trees play on Earth? Do different kinds of trees have different vibrations?
  • How can I act on my excitement?
  • I have two wonderful sons. One is kind, but gets bad grades. The other does well in school, but doesn’t care much about others. They both want to be doctors. Any advice?
  • How can I see into other realities?
  • I have a question regarding a younger sibling that died in an auto accident. We don’t know exactly what happened. Can you give me any information about that?
  • I had a dream about traveling through infinite realities. What was all that about?
  • Have I made agreements to channel?
  • What really happens to us as human beings when leave our physical form, when we actually die? Do we retain our consciousness? Do we retain our memories? Do we reappear in another physical form?
  • How do I know that I have existed in the past? Why can’t I remember my past existence or my past parallel universe?  
  • If humans are evolving, are we changing into another form? What is our other choice when you say not being human? Is that another physical form or semi-human form?
  • Have I done everything I needed to do in this life already?
  • Can we meet or communicate with higher life forms in dreams?
  • What is your perspective on my back pain? What does it mean? What can I do about it?
  • What do lineage and origin mean to you? What about your teachers?
  • Can you explain multiple simultaneous incarnations?
  • How do you retain your own viewpoint when operating in a multiverse?
  • What do you think about paleontology and periods of extinction on Earth?
  • About the Deepwater Horizon disaster, you have said we are our governments. I still feel powerless. Any advice?
  • I had a conversation with some crystal skulls, can we talk about that?
  • How can I integrate my higher-state experiences into my daily life?


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