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The Five Hybrid Races


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Bashar wasn't exaggerating when he called 2018 to 2020 the Window of Discovery. The information quarantine has changed, and Bashar is opening the window wide and letting the new information in. Bashar has told us much about his Sassani race, and that the Sassani are the third race of five. In The Five Hybrid Races, he is finally be able to tell us what we've all wanted to know for so long, specific information on the Five Hybrid races. This transmission  discusses the name and function of each hybrid race, the role they play in the overall family of hybrid races, and specifically the role each plays in our human evolution as we become the sixth hybrid race.

Session Date: April 28, 2018
Location: Anaheim, CA
Session Length: Approx 3 hours 20 min

Q&A includes:

• How can I let go of the unworthiness felt in my body?
• How do bloodlines come into play in the hybrid agenda?
• Did Planet Nibiru come from the Sirius star system?
• Could you tell us more about the planet Maldek?
• Are there still beings on Mars inhabiting Mars?
• Is the Sirius star system gravitating towards our solar system?
• Is Shiva buried in Mount Kilash in Tibet?
• What is the clicking sound you sometimes make?
• Are the Nature spirits known as “The Fe” or “D’anu” connected to the Anu?
• Are the Pleadians involved in the hybridization agenda?
• Why do I keep attracting multiple car accidents even though I am feeling in alignment?
• Why do I keep having dreams where I have panic attacks?
• Why do we forget our true natures?
• Could you expand on The Arcturians?
• Is it important to know your origins? Bashar redefines “past” lives.
• How can we best serve the world?
• Are there any processes that can enhance the excitement formula?  Bashar discusses permission slips.
• Questioner sings Bashar a song about happiness, safety and freedom.
• How can we initiate spontaneous healing?
• How can I know that my body is perfect?
• Are there certain reasons for pushing someone in an interaction?
• Could you comment on mass consciousness being channeled through icons in our society like The Rolling Stones, or Trump?
• Why do you sometimes withhold information from a questioner?
• Is there a particular reason why Darryl Anka lives in California?
• How can we heighten our spiritual perception? Bashar explains the entire excitement formula.
• How can I stay positive no matter what happens in my life?
• How can we take back our power in politics here in America?
• How do I tap into my parallel life in Atlantis?   Bashar redefines reincarnation.
• How can I ascend to the 5th dimension? Bashar discusses densities and dimensions.
• Where can I sign up for the hybrid agenda? 
• Why does it appear that we are fixated on this one parallel reality?
• Do I have any alien implants?
• I had a UFO siting 30 years ago in Japan and wonder, why are they visiting us?
• What is synchronicity? Could you tell us more of the being “Morning Star”?
• Are we able to create biological spaceships?
• Can the Merkebah be used as a chariot of ascension?
• Could you expand on the planet chakras?
• Could you give us your perspective on sound healing?
• Why did I feel the need to give away my contact crystal?
• I hurt someone I love very deeply with something I said. Can you help me with this?  Bashar speaks on “compression”.
• Could you comment on the holographic nature of the interactions you have with us?
• What are the differences between ascension, harvest and advancement?
• Could you comment on the three way split mentioned in the “Ra” material?  Bashar discusses parallel realities and the glass wall.
• Why is there so much New Age “fluff”?
• Is the fourth density the same thing as the fifth dimension?
• Could you tell us more about consensus realities?
• Could you elaborate on the whale sculpture that you encouraged me to create?
• Could you expand more on negative synchronicity?
• Can we have anything we desire?
• Could you speak more on our whale interaction and the music we played them?
• What was the energy I felt after doing the Contact Crystal meditation?
• Is curiosity enough to see a UFO?
• What is the current timeframe prediction to finding microbial life on other worlds?
• How can I get over the “No False Gods” teaching of my childhood?
• What is the mechanical difference between imagination and memory?
• Are there other hybrid races that are quasi-physical?
• Will the 6th hybrid race be created in a petri dish or by the biological way?
• What makes each of the five races unique?
• Why can we see the Sirius star system but not yours?
• Are fairies and mermaids considered extra terrestrial beings?
•  Is it possible to have a life theme that creates the experience where you are not able to follow your higher excitement? Bashar discusses the rubber band analogy.



Includes a HOLOTOPE Guided Meditation A Transformative Experience of Light, Color and Sound.
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