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Social Experiment Step One

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As we move forward into the Countdown to Contact: Year One, Bashar will walk us through the first step of the Interstellar Alliance – Social Experiment. He will provide us with exercises and actions that we can take to align ourselves more clearly with the vibrational frequency of the Interstellar Alliance. As we prepare for the idea of open contact, this social experiment may bring us to challenge ourselves in taking the specific steps he will share. Join us to learn about The Interstellar Alliance – Social Experiment: Step One and continue preparing for contact!

Session Date:  Febraury 17, 2024
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2 1/2 Hours

Q&A includes

• Are there rules or guidelines within The Interstellar Alliance which all the members need to follow?
• Do Star Wars and Star Trek accurately depict the idea of The Interstellar Alliance?
• Are the CE5 Protocols helpful for making open contact?
• If you don’t do the social experiments, how will it decrease our potential for ET contact?
• Are we truly ready for this experiment seeing how many people currently fear ETs?
• Is it too late for me to choose the reality I prefer or have the trains on The Splitting Prism already left the station?
• Instead of investigating conspiracy theories can I just focus on acting positively?
• How do we determine what is a conspiracy theory?
• What is the difference between a conspiracy theory and new information?
• Is The Earth Flat?
• Could you speak on depression vs compression?
• What is karmic debt?
• Is it necessary to meditate?
• How can I become more aware of my negative beliefs?
• Will world leaders be involved in open contact?
• Are the Pleiadians and Anunnaki related?
• Do extinct species exist in another parallel reality?
• Do we really have free will?
• Have dolphins made ET contact already?
• Can you speak on the genesis of language?
• What are your thoughts on divine femininity?
• How can we keep observations from evolving into beliefs?
• How can I best serve my adopted child?
• What is the bigger picture of the hybridization program?
• How can I be a healer if I feel I don’t have anything to give?

And much more!




Includes a guided meditation.



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