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15 Minutes and Counting


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Session Date: 11-14-09  

Bashar kicks off this powerful weekend event discussing the importance of the 15 minute time span as an important tool in making changes in your thinking and behavior.


Q&A Includes:

  • Are we going to be inventing new economic systems to replace the old ones when they fall away.
  • Sometimes I wake up feeling activated, joyous and excited in the morning, and sometimes it’s just not happening. Do you have any suggestions?
  • Are there various ETs or higher intelligence civilizations that spawn different races or groups on Earth?
  • Could you comment on the different energetic healing modalities that use transmission-based styles of teaching and healing?
  • Is there a group of beings who are working together to create different systems that work for different belief systems?
  • Are there any dance forms similar break dancing on any other planets in any other timelines?
  • Could you give some information about the different species and their contemporary updated agendas in relation to humanity?
  • What do you guys have to benefit from the ascension of humanity?
  • I heard a rumor that you work directly with the hybrid children as a mentor or teacher is that true? What are they learning? Are there specific assimilation lessons? Are they telepathic or do they speak?
  • You told a woman in Sedona that if she went where she wanted to be on Mother’s Day, she would get tangible evidence. Is that true for all the parents?
  • Do the Sassani kids interact with the hybrid kids?
  • If the Greys are emotionless, how are the kids learning about love?
  • Are you still interested in the extraterrestrial contact pact being fulfilled?
  • How soon can I get unstuck in my life to create the life that I prefer?
  • Why do we exist at all?
  • What’s the best way to overcome a phobia? What is the basis of phobia?
  • Is there anything that will help this time of transition go a little bit more smoothly?
  • During meditation, when I’m slowing my mind down to connect, I’m experiencing a lot of pressure in my head. Could you explain what that’s about?
  • How can I become a Jedi Knight? How would I do the supernatural things that they do?
  • Was Krishna a physical manifestation of All That Is?
  • Is Nirvana different than enlightenment?
  • You said we make good TV. How do you see us? How do beings that are outside our planet, see us and our behaviors?
  • Are there beings that have screens on their spaceships where they can see what’s happening on the planet? What would be the purpose of watching someone?
  • How do I experience past and future in the now?
  • Can you help me modify or remove the illusion of separation if it’s appropriate, or to understand it or have the ability to go beyond?
  • How is new consciousness born?
  • I’m confused about the way in which sometimes you talk as if there is a world out there that we are sharing, and we all seem to be living in the same world. Can you explain?
  • If I believe that the world is going to hell in a hand basket, then I inhabit a world that is going to hell in a hand basket?
  • If I create my reality, am I creating you?
  • To what extent am I making up my reality?
  • How do we follow our excitement in light of the struggles we often experience?


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