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Rising from the Ashes


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Session Date: 6-2-12   Phoenix, AZ

Transforming outdated systems and ideas into a positive and dynamic new reality.

Q&A includes: What are the mechanics behind bending spoons as in "The Matrix"? How can we use our extra-sensory perception? Bashar discusses how anxiety is generated from filtering your excitement through negative definitions. Does Bashar laugh? Why do improbable events sometimes emerge? The course of Miracles, The Bahai Faith and other organized religions. Which permission slip is right for me? How do I clear a negative belief? How does free will work, when all universes currently exist in parallel? My children do not believe in channeling or ETs. Shifting realities and dealing with difficult family members. What are the boom noises going on all over the world? How does animal consciousness differ from human consciousness? Redefning ego.

Includes a HOLOTOPE Guided Meditation A Transformative Experience of Light, Color and Sound. DVD recommended due to Holotope Meditation visuals.


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