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The Time Machine

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Session Date: April 6, 2013 
Location: Glendale, CA
Session Length:
Approx 1.5 hours  


In this Q&A session, Bashar explains the concept of time travel in relation to the idea all time existing simultaneously. Also includes Q&A with Darryl.

Q&A includes:
• How does karma relate to the concept of all time existing at once?
• Why did I have such gruesome dream experiences?
• Can you speak on Time Travel and DMT?
• What happened to "Tabor"?
• Bashar explains Mathematics of Universes and The Prime Radiant.
• What would you have us do differently?
• Why did you choose Darryl Anka?
• As you read the energies now when do you foresee the ET contact taking place?
• What is the relationship I have to the UFOs I've been seeing?
• What does your race eat?
• What is the prognosis of earth?
•How can we shift to other parallel realities?



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