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Shifting Through Infinity


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Session Date:  6-19-10 

Location: Los Angeles

Bashar describes the universe from a new perspective and introduces the concept of reality as an infinitude of still frames passing through our consciousness at a rate of billions per second.
Q&A:What is the speed of light in relation to zero motion, and in other densities? How can we best change the world to our liking? When we shift to a new reality and become a new person, do we ever go back to the old person? Clarification of the names ¨Ya'yel ¨and ¨Shalinaya ¨, and discussion of working with the ¨freelancer ¨hybrid children.  What is the source of energy for nonphysical entities? Are the pyramids around the world, both those currently known and those still hidden, part of a plan?  Is the evolution of the universe caused by a wave of consciousness?What is Bashar 's understanding about star souls (those that originate elsewhere)?  Why do we have links to entities in other systems, such as Orion, Pleiades, etc.? Why do domestic animal souls choose to come to Earth when they know they can experience abuse and neglect?  Does Bashar have animals on his planet? Questioner wants to shake the channel 's hand with Bashar officiating.  How important is Mount Fuji as an energy vortex of planet Earth? Questioner has very active dreams but doesn't remember specifics of her dreams.  Discussion of ¨past lives ¨with her girlfriend on Earth and in other systems. How does my business of making flowers connect with my aspirations of being in a Steven Spielberg movie?  How would one manifest one 's soul mate in one 's life? Where are the hybridized human children raised?  What was the nature of the energetic connection I felt for a young man I met at a gathering the other night? What are the ramifications of the oil spill in the Gulf?  Is there a dominant picture forming of the consequences of the spill?

Includes a HOLOTOPE Guided Meditation A Transformative Experience of Light, Color and Sound. DVD recommended due to Holotope Meditation visuals.


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