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The Other Side


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Session Date: 1-15-07

At this small group event in Los Angeles, CA, Bashar shares ideas on the creation of a new reality through our interactions. After Bashar makes his introductory comments, the rest of this session is devoted to questions from the audience. This session included the use of a translator. It is edited so only the English is included.

Q&A: Dreaming about being in a UFO. What can I do to see more UFO's? Back pain and whether it is connected with fear about pursuing joy and trying to do a good job. Feeling unfulfilled in a marriage. How can we follow our intuition in our daily lives. Who created the universe and earth? Understanding the entity a person is channeling. What happened to someone that committed suicide after they died? Is the earth in the process of ascension and is this a transition to fourth or fifth density? New yoga teacher wants to channel yoga training. Having a dream interaction with dolphin-like creatures. Concerns about modes of expressing love to others. When people experience hardships or die in wars, have they specifically chosen to experience that hardship or death? Meeting your soul mate and not living in the same country.


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