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Sweet Dreams: What Happens When You Sleep


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This Halloween season Bashar is inviting us to a little slumber party! In "Sweet Dreams: What Happens When You Sleep" he will explain the different things that we may experience in dream states, and how you may remember various sorts of experiences after the fact. He will explain why it's so important for us to sleep, and why sleep shortage can be a problem for humans. There may also be a bonus Halloween story - hopefully not too scary - about how we can live our most-preferred lives.

Session Date: October 23, 2021
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2 1/2 Hours +

Q&A includes:

• What can you tell me about the different dream cycles?
• When we dream of our family members who have passed, are they really there?
• What are nightmares?
• What do falling and flying represent in dreams?
• Why do I feel like my relationships live on forever?
• When I feel connected to a person’s soul, can they feel it back?
• How can I more fully believe that I can create my own reality?
• How can I know I am truly on my path of what's relevant for me?
• What was the rainbow portal I saw in the sky years ago?
• How can we use scalar technology to detox from the vaccine?
• What role does scalar technology play in advancement of human consciousness?
• What is the role of alchemy breath work in the collective consciousness?
• What is a good area of research or study to help prepare for the arrival of the hybrid children?
• In the early days of the hybridization project, why wasn't DNA harvested from sperm banks rather than abducting people?
• Why did the Grays need to remove their emotions in their parallel timeline reality?
• Do the mantis beings have emotions?
• Are you in an alternate universe, or in an alternate timeline in this universe?
• How can people go about more consciously remembering their future?
• Why has Ireland become such a strong presence in my life?
• What are the roots of Sufiism?
• How can I embody the energy of the future self to manifests my dreams?
• Can you comment further on The Interstellar Enneagram?
• Why do I keep recalling a dream I had years ago?
• Can you follow The Formula to overcome trauma or grief?
• I have a physical block in my nose that prevents me from doing spiritual practices, what can I do?
• Do we go to a different reality when we sleep?
• Why are dreams regarded as more profound than day dreams or even thoughts?
• Why don’t I dream in color like most people do?
• What does it mean when you see colors enhanced in dreams?
• What does it mean when two people have the same dream at the same time?
• Why do we such such bizarre symbols in dreamtime?
• What are recurring dreams?
• Is there a permission slip to start lucid dreaming?
• How can I maintain a lucid dream?
• Why does everything seem to glow in dreamtime?
• Is lucid dreaming a good way to connect to other dimensions?
• What is sleep paralysis?
• What is the difference mechanically between sleep, coma or anesthesia for consciousness?
• Can a vegan diet enhance dreamtime?
• Do we continue to shift between frames of consciousness while we are dreaming
• How can we communicate with you in dreamtime?
• Does your civilization get bored by not sleeping?
• Do you use permission slips for getting into other states of consciousness?
• Why are there day and night cycles on your planet if you don’t sleep?
• How can you tell the hybrid children are communicating with you in dreamtime?
• How do the hybrid children communicate?  Do they speak English?

And much more!



Includes a guided meditation with visuals. Video version recommended.


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