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Dear Mom and Dad


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A heartwarming and humorous open letter from the hybrid children, as they explain what it is they are learning about humanity, and what their role can be once they arrive and live among humans on the Earth in the future.

Session Date: September 25, 2016
Location: Los Angeles
Session Length: 2 hours

Q&A includes:

  • You’ve described that the first wave will be teenagers. What do you mean by that?
  • Have there already been some who have come to pave the way?
  • Before the hybrid children physically arrive on Earth will they be contacting us telepathically?
  • The three beings that I saw that I felt like they were similar to the Greys, were they my hybrid children?
  • When the hybrid children arrive on Earth, where are the younger ones going to be staying? How are they going to be taken care of? Will we be able to contact them or visit them?
  • Are my hybrid children going to be within that group of 333?
  • I’m working with at risk children right now. Are they part of the hybridization agenda?
  • Can you talk about the violence in Chicago? What can I do to stop it?
  • Are the hybrid children genetically and physiologically equipped to procreate with each other and humans so they can continue to develop newer species from that procreation?
  • Why don’t the hybrids get our jokes?
  • What do you laugh at, besides puns?
  • Do I have any hybrid children?
  • I sometimes see a portal, like a wall of water, and I go through it. I was curious, does each portal represent a different past life? Is it always there? Can I always jump through it?
  • Can you comment on the work of David Wilcock and Corey Goode?
  • Can you talk about the blue avians?
  • I’ve been seeing blue dots, eyes closed, eyes open. What are these blue dots?
  • Do I have the same oversoul as Hafshepsut?
  • Have my partner and I cleared the field in our relationship?
  • How can I get past doubt?
  • Sometimes I get confused whether it’s my ego playing tricks on me or is it really my higher mind speaking.
  • I notice that I react to some people by clamping up, and then with some people I feel really safe. Why is that?
  • Have you ever set foot on our planet?
  • Do the hybrid children communicate with us through animals?
  • Are there hybrid children from other cultures, like Asia and Europe?
  • How can we be of service with the hybrid children and help make our relationship less alien?
  • What is the purpose of creating hybrids and introducing them to Earth?
  • What are the lives of the hybrid children on the ships? How do they spend their days?
  • How do they get from location to location?
  • When are the children coming to the planet? Can you reiterate that?
  • For women who have had abortions, are there sometimes hybrid children involved in that?
  • Do I have to be a breatharian to connect with the Archangel Metatron?
  • Do people have free will not to participate in the hybridization agenda going forward?
  • I keep getting 3-3-3. Is there any particular reason why?
  • I’ve started experiencing some energies in my body. How can I be sure whether I’m experiencing kundalini or not?
  • So you’re saying that human life is really about being who you truly are?


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