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Session Date: 9-29-07

At this small group event in Claremont, CA, Bashar shares ideas on the nature of our existence and the evolution of our civilization. After Bashar makes his introductory comments, the rest of this session is devoted to questions from the audience.

Q&A: Wanting to know about a being that is channeled. A personal connection with ET's. Are physical issues a block to integration of consciousness? Can she safely return to India? What was the nature of the spiritual life of our megalithic cultures? What is the name of my spirit guide? What was the ET craft a group of us witnessed some years ago? An animal communicator wants to get her information out to the public. I've never felt comfortable on this planet, am I human? How do you expedite change when you are relying on someone else to help you make the change? What does my future hold regarding my vocation? Can you tell me about "lost time?" What happens when we die? How closely does the movie "What Dreams May Come" depict what it's like in the spirit world after we die? Why do I wake up tired the morning after having an out-of-body experience? How can I guide my child in this life? What suggestions do you have for my family's future? Has my frequency been upgraded and am I a healer? Seeing shadows of beings around her. Understanding her sick cat. What is the significance of the date December 21, 2012?


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