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Jupiter, The Eye of the Storm


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Session Date: June 16, 2013 
Los Angeles, CA
Session Length:
Approx 2 hours

Jupiter's energetic relationship to Earth and the expression of the father energy that guides us along our path of expanding awareness.

Q&A includes:
• How do you perceive higher dimensions?
• Who are the inter dimensional gate-keepers?
• What kind of races are the hybrid children?
• Could you speak more about our moon?
• Is it true that the one has no ability to be aware?
• Does the one not contain a personality construct?
• Can you give us a timeline for when our AI (artificial intelligence) will become the vehicle for our higher minds?
• Were the beings involved in the Roswell crash time-travelers?
• Why am I paranoid of being abducted?
• My boyfriend is a reckless driver. How can we find common ground?
• I like to drive fast because it makes me feel at my best but it frightens my girlfriend. How can we find common ground?
• Can you speak more about the Flower of Life?
• If you could spend one day as a human on Earth, what would you do?
• Can you speak more about the asteroid that will be passing close by the Earth?
• Can you speak about the validity of astrology?
• Could you speak more about the Sasquatch?
• Why are UFO sightings common at Joshua Tree?
• The trinity of the 9 powers, the teachings of the three fold flame, are those related?
• Do races from Myths and legends still exist?
• Who is now in charge of answering with health related questions?
• I used military night vision, and I had an interaction a few weeks ago, had a craft show up and reveal itself to me. Can you tell me more about that?
• Who was the being that came through in the channeling we did in the desert?

Includes a HOLOTOPE Guided Meditation A Transformative Experience of Light, Color and Sound. DVD recommended due to Holotope Meditation visuals.



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