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Countdown to Contact Year One

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If you are interested in having ET contact, Countdown to Contact: Year One is not to be missed! In this session, Bashar will hone in on the processes and procedures that are important to focus on if you would like to experience open contact in the years to come. This information will form the link between a clearer understanding of the true nature of what Bashar’s people are like, and the changes and shifts that are important to make within your own energy, so you will be more capable of experiencing contact with beings that are very different from yourself.

Session Date:  January 20, 2024
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2 Hours

Q&A includes

• How will the probable upcoming mass contact event affect The Splitting Prism?
• Will the mass contact event take place in dreamtime?
• Will open contact be experienced by everyone?
• What will the impact of open contact be on those with religious beliefs?
• What are your thoughts on the recent UAP hearings?
• What ET races will we first experience in open contact?
• Could you elaborate on the variations in spaceships that ET races use?
• What is the writing that some people see on ET ships?
• Will I experience ET contact within my lifetime?
• Will open contact be a sociological event like in the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind?
• What are some first contact exercises that would be suitable for children and not scare them?
• When first contact happens, what reactions do you expect from us?
• What qualities make us the best candidate for open contact?
• How can I be "put on the list" of potential Earth hybrid sanctuaries?
• Is there a God?
• Is enlightenment the last step to awakening?
• Can you further explain "the illusion of power" vs "the power of illusion"?
• Do we all perceive things like colors in the same non-biased way?
• How do you perceive us on Earth?
• Can you explain the process of what is happening when we connect to our hybrid children?
• What are the age ranges of the hybrid children?
• Can you clarify what you mean when you speak of future selves?
• Is it true that ET races capable of space travel are all benevolent?
Are most of your listeners participants in the hybrid agenda?
• Is there a hole in the Earth in Antarctica?
• Is humanity moving towards gender neutrality?

And much more!




Includes a brief exercise.



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