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State of Being, Circumstances and Synchronicity


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When Bashar says, “Circumstances don’t matter, only state of being matters,” what exactly does he mean? And what does that have to do with synchronicity? How are these ideas related? In this transmission Bashar will give us a new permission slip to help us learn to read the signs that our higher minds give us by way of synchronicity. He will show us how to use the circumstances of our experience as a navigation tool, allowing synchronicity to be the guide to our most preferred version of ourselves.

Session Date: November 7, 2020
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2 1/2 Hours

Q&A includes:

• Could you elaborate on your transition from 3rd density to 4th density?
• Do we ever actually feel the Oversoul prospective?
• Does each parallel version of me have its own soul?
• If you, as Bashar were human and speaking to an ET from Earth, what question would you ask?
• Does The Formula ever change?
• What challenges are The Uva civilization going through right now?
• Is the Uva civilization human?
• What is the Sassani word for peace?
• Regarding synchronicity, what does the number 55 represent for me?
• Could you further discuss how you are so easily able to  develop your teachings that you share with us?
• What is the best approach to change our structures?
• What is the root cause of what we here on Earth call bipolar disorder and what is mechanically happening during an episode?
• Was Christ conceived by invitro?
• Are the colors deep green and turquoise connected to my hybrid children?
• Are we all residing within The One?
• What will be the effects of the planetary alignment on March 20, 2026?
• Could you comment on the chambers that are located in the Giza plateau?
• What happened to the Ark of the Covenant?
• Could you comment on the updating of our consensus agreements, and how that effects us individually and collectively?
• Could you comment more on the events in the Eastern bloc?
• Are the Sacred Circuits sentient?
• Do you connect with Nature Spirits, Sasquatch and our bacteria?
• Does our bacteria buy into our collective “Masters of Limitation” belief systems?
• Are other life forms on our planet going to be teachers to the hybrid children?
• Can humans create a symbiotic relationship with the nature spirits?
• Will the other beings on our planet become tied to the 6th hybrid race?
• Could you comment on the origins of the Maya and what their mission is here on  Earth?
• How are the Maya connected to the crystal skulls?
• Are those of us with a lot of Neanderthal DNA connected with ETs?
• How are our genetics determined? Does the higher self choose?
• What events brought about the Shakana to your people at the time that it did?
• How do your people procreate? 
• Are there dwellings on your planet?
• What do The Blue Men call themselves in their language?
• Why do I sometimes connect with different beings so easily, and other times I do not?
• Why does it seem to take so much time to follow my excitement?
• Can you clarify the difference between being childlike and childish?
• Is the artificial intelligence technology currently being developed by Elon Musk safe and good for us as humans?
• How does a quasi-physical or non-physical being experience breath?
• Can we feel other people's souls?
• What's the name of the Master Crystal Skull that is in Ireland?
• What is the spiritual purpose of physical beauty, like looks, scent, voice, charm, and intelligence?
• Can you comment on the intense polarization that has been occurring in relation to Coronavirus and the election?
• Can you comment on how the idea of contact relates the working together and compromise?
• Is the pandemic a means for higher beings to reduce our population?
• Why does it seem more challenging to attain the state of being of feeling rich than it is of feeling poor?
• Is it important to always follow through with synchronicity and is synchronicity always positive?
• What about when you get involved with someone that appears to be positive but ends up being negative?
• Is state of being essential when it comes to the idea of passing through the eye of the needle?
• My cat recently swallowed my sewing needle with thread attached.  It passed through his system in 2 days and he was unscathed.  Is there any relation between this incident and the 2020 eye of the needle?
• Could you comment on taking action in relation to allowing?
• In the process of manifesting, what intensity do we have to get to in order to manifest?
• When we ask for something and receive something different, does it mean what we receive is preparing us for for what we actually ask for?
• Could you comment on self sabotage?
• How is it possible that I had an experience that did not follow the laws of physics?
• If the heart has this direct connection to the higher mind, why do we experience heart break?
• Do you and your collective have spirit guides like we do?
• Could you further comment on how the blue men removed humans from the experience of war and brought them to a safe place?
• Did the blue men influence the rock band blue men here on Earth?
• Why are Krishna and other yogis depicted with blue skin?
• How can we tell the difference between a dream and and out of body experience in relation to ET encounters?

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Includes a guided meditation with visuals. Video version recommended.


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