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Interdimensional Portals and Where to Find Them


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Bashar reveals the five most important vortices and interdimensional portals in the Western United States, helping us take advantage of their reflected energy in the best possible way so that we can create our preferred state of being to move forward as things unfold in our reality in the upcoming years.
Bashar has said that 2019 is the year of “shake-ups and break-ups,” with secrets being revealed. In this session he will show us how to maximize the accelerating energy in the ways that we prefer, by identifying the first five interdimensional portals that we need to know about at this time and how we can work with them. Join us for this exploration of the journeys we can take with the Earth in this time of transformation.

Session Date: November 17, 2018
Location: Anaheim, CA
Session Length: 3 Hours, 45 min (video - audio slightly shorter)

Q&A includes:

• Do the energy portals relate to healing certain chakras?
• How can we use the Sedona vortex to make shifts?
• Where in Santa Fe would you recommend us visiting to most powerfully absorb the energies of the portals?
• What can we learn from the wildfires?
• What can you tell me about chemtrails and geo-engineering?
• What can be done about the spent nuclear waste at San Onofre?
• Could you expand on the powers of good and evil in our world?
• Is the Universe a simulation?
• How can I make the best choices from my passion in the moment?
• Could you talk about habits and the kit?  Bashar describes the motivational mechanism.
• Do I actually communicate with you when I ask you a question in my head?
• Am I ready to make a career change?
• Does the energy in Sedona affect the person whether they are aware of it or not?
• What are the mechanics of choosing a new state of mind?
• Can viewers benefit from your energy remotely like by UStream?
• How do parallel realities relate to past lives?  Bashar gives the television analogy.
• What about karma in relation to simultaneity?
• What happened at the fall of Atlantis?
• How did the Atlanteans use crystals?
• Could you comment more on needs and wants vs The Seven Neutral Needs?
• Can someone have a fluid flowing life without being aware of "The Formula"?
• I am studying aeronautics. Is there a possibility that going interplanetary will happen in our lifetime?
• When will we land on Mars?
• When will we be able to interact with the civilization in Barnard’s star?
• Could you please speak on the kachinas?
• How can I get over my fear of having a painful death?
• Why am I stuck in a reality where I have dis-ease?
• Who is your mentor?
• Does the ringing I am experiencing in my ear relate to dolphin’s sonar?
• Are there any beings in the Cignus star system?
• There are ancient texts that refer to times before our moon was here.  Was our moon brought to us? 
• How do you experience the angelic realm?
• How does metal in our body effect our vibration?
• Could you help us deepen our understanding of electricity?
• Can more than one soul enter the body at once?
• What are walk-ins?
• Could you comment more on your perspective of our civilization?
• What is going on with your body before during and after a channeling session?
• Are there other version of ourselves in the other dimensions that exist through the portals?
• Is time as we experience it speeding up or slowing down?
• What is the deeper meaning behind the sensation of human shame?
• What about perfectionism?  Could you comment?
• Was Jesus created through artificial insemination?
• Was it the same race of aliens that contributed to the creation of Jesus that had contact with Moses?
• Are the fallen angels from biblical times the Anunnaki?
• Did the Anunnaki have anything to do with our previous habitation of Mars and Maldek?
• Why I am becoming more sensitive lately?
• Was I a scientist in Atlantis?
• I am a scientist and have crystals created that enhance life force for humans and plants.  Could you comment?
• Could you give guidance on my further experiments with the locational variable idea?
• Could you speak more on how crystals exist in multiple realities?
• In your physical form, are you compatible with the atmosphere of this planet?
• When you do a frequency reading, what are you actually reading?
• Is DMT a portal to the template realm?
• Did I see the underpinnings of reality in my ayahuasca trip or was it a parallel reality?
• How can we recreate our plant medicine experiences without the teacher?
• You mentioned that the angelic realm is the first reflection of the one.  What is the second?
• Is something shifting energetically with the dolphins and whales right now?
• Could you comment on the pyramids in Mullumbibmy, Australia?
• Why has God forsaken me?
• If I physically go to one of these portals, how do I take advantage of the energy?  Is it different for each portal?

And much more!



Includes a HOLOTOPE Guided Meditation A Transformative Experience of Light, Color and Sound.
Video version recommended due to Holotope Meditation visuals.


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