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Our Future in the 21st Century


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Session Date: 6-16-2002 - Tokyo, Japan

To improve the listening of the session conducted in Japan, please note that the Japanese language portions are edited out and all communications are in English.

The 21st century promises to be a time of tremendous change and innovation. Now is the time to choose the future you desire. In this exciting workshop from Japan, Bashar discusses the changes we can expect in this new century including the evolution of human consciousness and technology, the changes in our social and economic structures and the timing of ET contact. He explores the accelerating conflict on our planet and the mind set of those that wish to terrorize, and shares ways that you can transform any fears that you may have about the upcoming changes. Each positive person has great impact and Bashar explains the significance of that impact on the evolution of our world. our planet.

Q&A: What can we do to prepare for ET contact? How can we break through the illusion of time? The human fear of death and healthy beliefs about death. Is there anything beyond the Creator? Having a positive impact on the planet. Who is the Interstellar Alliance and what is our relationship? Life on Bashar's planet Essassani. Dealing with negative energy in the workplace. An Essassani energy game that can be used for healing. A guided meditation to enhance your experience of unconditional love.


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