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Manifesting Dreams in the 21st Century


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Session Date: 6-23-2002

 Location: Kobe, Japan

In Manifesting Your Dreams Bashar describes the long arc of human evolution in terms of the individual and the collective consciousness. As a group humans have almost exhausted the idea of new negative experiences to explore. Because of the long years of suffering and negativity many people don’t believe harmony is possible, either personally or globally. In this time of transformation we are all given the choice of continuing on the path of destruction or embracing our joy. Here Bashar gives an excellent primer on how to consciously navigate these accelerating times. This is a fascinating discussion of the collective consciousness and the potential for personal and global harmony. This session may be even more relevant in 2019 than at the original time of transmission.

Q&A includes:

  • Why are we tested in life?
  • Feeling resistance to loving yourself.
  • Enhancing communication with plants and animals.
  • Becoming a planetary consciousness and communicating with other levels of awareness.
  • Using experiential techniques in education.
  • Hardship in the Japanese economy.
  • Using expectations in a positive way.
  • Insecurity about trusting your choices.
  • Transforming self criticism.
  • The purpose of sleep.
  • Needing to feel comforted in a relationship.
  • The Threshold of Believability technique.


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