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The Silver Cord

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What if there was a way to strengthen your awareness of your connection to your higher mind and enhance that communication? In The Silver Cord, Bashar will take us deeper into our understanding of the Silver Cord, so we can create a better, more conscious working relationship with our higher mind and spirit self. Plus, he will be giving us an exercise that will help us strengthen this connection. Using our Silver Cord as a permission slip, we can go from our physical bodies upwards  to  the  higher mind, to  the  non-physical  realms,  to  create  whatever exciting realities we want!                

Session Date:  June 24, 2023
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2 Hours +

Q&A includes

• Can The Silver Cord help us keep a connection to the highest version of ourselves?
• How can The Silver Cord assist us in lucid dreaming?
• Are we connected to each other with silver cords?
• What are the signs that The Silver Cord is no longer connected to the body?
• Are The Silver Cords of the deceased still active?
• Does being skilled at astral projection make dying easier?
• What happens to The Sassani physical body when you die?
• Do thoughts just float around like energy patterns, or do you attract thoughts based on your belief systems?
• How is relevance decided?  Does the physical mind decide it or do we decide it from spirit?
• How do you perceive beauty form your perspective?
• When we shift to another version of ourselves, how is it that we do not “kick out” the version that was there before? 
• Do animals have Silver Cords and do they understand death?
• Can we use The Excitement Formula to select food?
• Will food be healthy for us if we believe it will be?
• Will different companies have warring AIs?
• Is it really necessary to become an improved version of ourselves? 
• What exactly is a belief?
• Is it possible to meet a version of ourselves in a parallel reality?
• Is there a sunken Atlantean colony off the coast of Cuba?
• Were the Anti-Gravity devices in Ancient India?
• Can you clarify the difference between wants and needs from your perspective?
• How do you personally perceive contrast?
• How can I embrace my own power I’m discovering in my spiritual awakening?
• I am following my excitement yet I cannot pay my bills. Help!
• Does the distance of your ship relate to the state our consciousness?
• Does the US government really posses alien craft?  
• Is it related to the 2026-2027 disclosure event you’ve predicted?
• What can you tell us about the video recordings of UFOs being released by the military?
• How close are we to any peace in Ukraine?
• What can you tell us about dogs and why are they so happy?

And much more!





Includes a guided meditation with visuals. Video version recommended.



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