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Earth in Transition


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Session Date: 6-22-2002

Location: Kobe, Japan

In this vintage session from 2002 Bashar fields questions from a small group in Japan. Topics include Earth’s accelerating rate of transformation and how that is perceived from the Sassani perspective. He gives extensive details about the hybridization program, advice for shifting to preferred parallel realities, and oversoul connections. There are in-depth discussions of connecting with the higher self, the relationship between the emotions, the body, and the physical self, future economies and how the shifts will occur, and other topics chosen by attendees.

“Many of you visit planets in your dream state now, out of body. After your year of 2037 it will be possible to visit more planets physically, in our ships. But this will also happen slowly, because you will need to get used to the different civilizations very slowly.” - Bashar

Q&A includes:

  • Conflict & negativity on Earth.
  • Healing sadness & depression.
  • Defending against negativity.
  • Healing techniques.
  • Allergies to metals.
  • Juice fasting.
  • The present crisis on Earth.
  • How will we recognize the existence of other civilizations?
  • Why were the hybrids created?
  • Why are there so many races on Earth?
  • How will the change in the world economy occur?
  • Aliens healing humans.
  • Keeping a brother's death a secret.
  • A daughter's paranoia.
  • Healing claustrophobia.
  • When will the hybrid experiment be successful?
  • The heart-mind connection.
  • Strengthening the immune system.
  • No time for yourself.
  • Does Bashar feel it when we communicate with him?
  • Practical ways to actualize your dreams.
  • Experimenting on animals.
  • Enhancing communication with plants & animals.
  • Is it necessary to become a vegetarian?
  • The effect of toxins in the system.
  • Finding your soul mate.
  • What is the photon belt and how does it relate to ascension?
  • Healthy ways to feed children.


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