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The Angels of Orion


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Session Date: October 6, 2019
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2+ Hours

Over the years many questions have arisen about ancient Orion and the extreme negativity that took place there. In The Angels of Orion Bashar can take advantage of the lifted quarantine and give us more detail about the ancient oppressive systems and how those energies are playing out now on Earth. Many of us have made Orion connections, energetic linkages to the worst of times that can now be used to reshape our social, economic, and political lives as a collective consciousness. Now is the time for those with Orion connections to use that dark energy to help accelerate the splitting realities and create more positive choices. The time has come for The Angels of Orion to align with the higher reality they most desire.

Q&A Includes:

  • Are the Atlantean connections that I feel my oversoul incarnations?
  • Can you talk about magic?
  • How can I best function with chronic pain?
  • How can I let go of the core belief that I’m unworthy?
  • When I meditate on sending love to you and the hybrid children are you aware of it?
  • Do you have any advice for me as a father with a son in Cambodia?
  • Does everyone choose when they die?
  • If everything is new billions of times per second, why this storyline of Atlantis and not one that is bathed in utopian ideas of abundance? Why this one, where it was destroyed with the comets?
  • I thought the eye of the Sahara in North Africa was Atlantis. But now you’re saying Atlantis is in the Bahamas?
  • Was the Sahara ever covered in woodlands?
  • Sometimes people say they see whale bones in the Sahara desert. Would that have been due to the comet and big tsunamis that destroyed Atlantis?
  • Are they very much linked, Orion and Atlantis?
  • What were they eating in Atlantis? Did they treat animals the way we do today?
  • Can you explain the threshold of believability?
  • Were the beings that connected with my friend at Bell Rock Sassani? Who were they?
  • Why do you click the channel’s teeth?
  • Are any Earth languages related to the Atlantean language? Are any Earth languages related to the Lemurian language?
  • Who were the loving extraterrestrials I encountered in a dream? Were those my hybrid children? Do I have any hybrid children?
  • Is getting pregnant a decision that the woman makes? Could we completely eliminate the idea of unwanted pregnancies?
  • Are you familiar with the Oregon vortex?
  • Is salvia divinorum one of the ingredients of divinorum? Is there a salvia-based version that’s appropriate for humans?
  • Are there specific frequencies that have very negative effects on our bodies? What parts of the spectrum can we apply to our bodies that will promote our natural self-healing? Does it matter what kind of bulb it comes from? Can it be from an LED bulb?
  • Does the harmonic egg promote self-healing?
  • I want to heal. Is there anything else I can do to enhance this?
  • In computer software Easter eggs are messages hidden in the software to acknowledge the developers that made it. Is there something similar in our bodies? Where can we find it? Is vibration the way to unlock these markers?
  • What causes the Earth’s magnetic field to reverse itself? On what timescale does it reverse? Could you elaborate on that? Does it have implications for human life on Earth?
  • Can you talk about visualization?
  • Do you have any advice for the father of an addicted child?
  • When will America move beyond racism and polarity? What does that look like from your society’s point of view?
  • Is Easter Island a part of Lemuria? Who built the stone figures on Easter Island? And what purpose did the stones have?
  • How are Lemuria, Avalon, and Atlantis connected?
  • Can you explain telempathy, how it works? Is it possible to send and transmit information between two people? Can it be done with people that don’t know each other?
  • How can I get past my mental blocks with my project?
  • What type of trees did the Atlanteans use for building? And what proportion for the drums?
  • When the Atlanteans developed slavery, was that a reflection of Annunaki times, of how they created us?
  • Are we coming to a place of all being married like your society?
  • Was Atlantis at one time a part of the Interstellar Alliance? Are we still on course for initiation for that?
  • How could a diagrammatic explanation of the science of the obvious be represented, like Metatron’s cube?
  • Was the Tree of Life taught by Thoth? Was the Tree of Life taught in Hebrew or did it precede Hebrew?
  • How much are you really watching me?
  • Was the djed taught by Djehuti?
  • Can you expand on the idea of the forbidden fruit and the story behind humans choosing a reality where they want what they can’t have?
  • Can you expand on any specific extraterrestrial connections that those with the rare trait of red hair, green or hazel eyes and freckles have?
  • In your exploration of the universe when you come across negative civilizations how do you deal with them?
  • What type of government did Atlantis have towards the end days compared to the current world governments?
  • Would you please clarify what makes the hybrid agenda karma-free when the Atlantean genetic manipulation was so negative?
  • Since your society is stabilized by the artificial intelligence beamed at your planet, what about the hybrid children? What is the stabilizing energy for them?
  • Does human consciousness require stabilizing energy in order to remain balanced and to express itself in a positive way?


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