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In this intriguing 3-day event, Bashar explores the special role that artificial intelligence has within his society and the surprising effect this has upon Earth and our future. Three artificially intelligent spheres known as Epsilon, Eclipse and Epiphany encircle and energetically balance Bashar’s home world of Essassani. The spheres also have an energetic relationship with Earth. This weekend provides each of us with a rare opportunity to understand more fully what it means to interact with advanced artificial intelligence from the future.

In the Saturday session, Bashar will discuss Eclipse, the second of the artificially intelligent spheres orbiting his world, and describe the specific influence of Eclipse on Earth. He will explore the timing of the recent total solar eclipse in the USA and the many levels of reflection the solar eclipse represent in helping us blend and balance the polarities within ourselves, our society, and our world.

Session Date: September 23, 2017
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2 Hours, 20 min

Q&A includes:

What is my synchronicity regarding the number 33?
How did our recent eclipse relate to the recent Floyd Mayweather Conor McGregor fight?
How do my creativity and emotional state relate to the cycles of the moon?
How does the pain in my ovary relate to my personal growth?
For me the synchronicity in my life recently has been the number 22. What does that mean?
I experienced the mandala effect watching the movie “Sex and the City”. Could you give me a confirmation that it is actually a new reality?
How can I trust and learn how to delegate?
I’m following my passion but I can’t support myself like I did before, help!
There are aspects of my exciting career that I cannot stand. How can I resolve this?
How can I visualize what I want without taking myself out of the now?
• What was the purpose of my interactions with alien children?
My job is exciting, but it is also very serious, how can I bring in more joy?
How can we ride the rapids of what is happening politically?
How can we remain centered as we are potentially facing a nuclear incident?
To what extent does free will play into destiny?
How are we supposed to serve each other in this reality?
How do I know if I made the right choice in ending a relationship?
I am a scientist working on antigravity but I believe there is an easier way to travel. Could you give me a clue? Bashar describes the locational variable in his propulsion system.
Why do you need ships at all when you can just teleport?
Is there a language in the geometric patterns I am seeing?
Can I reprogram my own DNA structure?
Do the recent earthquakes and hurricanes relate to the solar eclipse?
I feel guilty about doing genetic engineering in a past life. Can you help?
Are tendencies really unconscious choices?
Is giving hypnosis intervening on someones life?
Why do I experience more negativity as I am experiencing more and more synchronicity?
How can I overcome emotional abuse?
When you’re 100% your self, is that all that needs to be done?
I have an important meeting coming up that can change drastically change the outcome of my life. How can I best express myself during this meeting?

And much more!


Includes a HOLOTOPE Guided Meditation A Transformative Experience of Light, Color and Sound.
Video version recommended due to Holotope Meditation visuals.


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