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Your ET Neighbors


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2020 is almost over! For a little exciting news, Bashar will expand on the hints he dropped in his August 2020 transmission Increasing the Probability of Contact. He's been telling us for years that we have many relatives and neighbors that we know nothing about.  In this transmission he will begin telling us about extraterrestrial races that he's never discussed before, and how they interact with the Earth. This will be the first in a series of revelations about humanity's extraterrestrial neighbors.

Session Date: October 10, 2020
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2+ Hours

Q&A includes:

• Do we need to be at the same vibrational state as our ET neighbors that will come visit?
• Will our ET neighbors be able to take control of our earth for our benefit?
• Were prophets like Jesus human or connected to ETs?
• Can you clarify how there is no outside when I see all these things around me?
• How can we tell if something is a belief or a fact?  Bashar discusses the five laws of creation.
• Are we currently on the path of the grays?
• What do we take from this life to the afterlife?
• I have been studying the Tarot system.  Can I design a set of cards to communicate with ETs?
•  Will crystal skulls be important tools after passing through the eye of the needle?
• Can I communicate with ETs through crystal skulls?
• Are there other minerals that can be used to create skulls?
• Are the thoughts that we think created outside of this reality and are we limited to the thoughts that we have access to?
• When we are outside of physical reality are thoughts still there?
• Does the concept of math and numerology exist outside of time space?
• Do you have any insights into my recent diagnosis of AML leukemia?
• Did your people settle on other worlds?
• Do most of the members of your alliance communicate by telepathy?
• Have you ever colonized other worlds together with other races?
• Since your race is transitioning to non-physical do you need to exercise?
• Do your people learn any mental trainings?
• How does rational thinking or logic tie into The Formula?
• What do we do when religious norms interfere with our excitement?
• What is the best way to overcome a fear based belief?
• Why do I feel like I am wasting my time?  Do I need to appreciate where I am?
• Is it common to experience discomfort when changing beliefs?
• Is discomfort a flag to not go somewhere?
• Is everything a reflection of me?  Even a concrete floor or a piece of paper?
• Are heart memories stored in the heart and not the brain?
• Regarding the Flash Matrix that you shared with us before, is it beneficial to design it in a sunflower pattern?
• From you perspective, what would you say the purpose of the government is?
• Can you scan our constitution and tell us see what would be a good idea to add to it?
• Will there be a type of clothing that will be invented that will help humanity?
• Could you further elaborate on the Blue Men removing people in wars and taking them off planet?
• Have I been to healing planets like you discussed earlier in my dreamtime?
• What determines preferences and interests in different subjects?  Is it influenced by our DNA?
• Does the oversoul explore the same themes we are exploring with the physical mind?
• How will the hybrid children deal with our environmental pollutants and pathogens?
• What is it about sexual boundaries have such a profound impact with our psyche?
• Could you comment on the lightning strikes that are happening in the Bay Area?  Are the sentient?
• Do infants have thoughts and beliefs?
• What is the wisdom in everything we are going though collectively right now?
• From where did our diverse ecology originate?
• What does the government actually know about ETs?  Do they know about hybrid children?
• Do we have a main galactic family?  Or are we related to beings all over the universe?
• Do Sassani beings have higher beings helping them to get to the next density?
• Are there underwater ET bases on our planet?
• Which ET races altered our DNA over time?
• Can you share anything about the alterations that have been done?  How does that connect with the 12 strand DNA idea?
• Which ETs contacted the Mayans?
• Did those ET civilizations practice human sacrifice?
• Is interacting with the dolphins like interacting with an ET civilization?
• The Sassani Civilization seems to be quite balanced and happy.  Would you say you were always that way or did you evolve to be that way over time?
• Could you comment more on the ET civilizations pumping balancing energy into the planet?
• Does the moon’s energy balance the Earth?
• How can I best manifest a new car?
• Could you comment on keeping other people safe during this pandemic?

And much more!



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