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In recognition of Halloween, Bashar will be telling us all about Ghosts — what they are, why they are, where they are, what they can and can’t do, and all the different ways that people might assume that they have had an encounter with a ghost. We don’t know if he will discuss things that go bump in the night, but we know Bashar will help to guide us to the reality we most prefer. So don’t be spooked, pull up a pumpkin and join us to learn all about Ghosts with Bashar.

Session Date: October 22, 2022
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2 Hours +

Q&A includes

Can pets become ghosts?
• What determines the physical appearance of a ghost?
• What elements are ghosts made of?
Where are our love ones when they pass away and how can we find them?
• Does saying a prayer for deceased animals help them?
Are the orbs captured in photography conscious entities?
• How can a ghost manipulate physical things like moving things around?
• Do ghosts experience a life review?
• Do ghosts have belief systems?
• Is it dangerous to communicate with spirits through the Ouija board?
• Do ghosts from other words show up in our etheric plane?
• Are there ghosts in the White House?
• Are there more ghosts in historical areas like former battlefields?
• Do our guides disguise themselves as ghosts?
• Are there groups of ghosts?
• Did I see a ghost when I was a child or was it actually an ET?
• Can you speak on the hybrid children and their interest in Halloween?
• Why is my hybrid child excited about monsters?
• Can we deliberately create our reality?
• What is the crystal skulls connection to AI?
• Does The 5th Law mean we can change in to anything?
• Was Tesla aware of the planetary grid system?
• Are all Bashar followers connected to Essassani?

And much more!





Includes a guided meditation with visuals. Video version recommended.



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