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Blueprint for Contact


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At this first-time workshop devoted to the discussion of ET contact and interactions with the dolphins, Bashar shares many new ideas including a powerful GUIDED MEDITATION and a surprise channeling of "Dreamer" the bottlenose dolphin.

Q&A: Reasons for wanting ET contact. Looking for outside validation for ascension. The difference between listening and hearing. Manifesting symbols that reflect ideas that need to be integrated. Seeing stars in other dimensions and how they effect us. Becoming aware of our fears. Seeing different things than others see.What is the best way to share these messages. Is everything made manifest by intention and is love an intention. Probably timing for the hybrid children to be present on the planet. What are the fundamental economic principles that work in Bashar's culture and changes we need to make to integrate into the Galactic Federation. Improving our relationship with nature. Divine intelligence orchestrating through us. Inter dimensional beings being experienced in dreams as birds. An encounter with the Pilot whales. Discussing fears of ET contact. Fear experienced swimming in the ocean. Will Bashar pop out of nowhere? Sharing a contact experience. Sleep paralysis leading to contact. Can vibration be replicated by electronic means? Sound frequency harmonics combined with light for healing. The benefits of detoxification


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