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Debunking the Debunkers


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Session Date: 6-20-09

The Gullible, The Skeptical, The Cynical

Bashar explains how gullibility, skepticism and cynicism all represent essentially the same rejection of truth.

Q&A: What is going on with climate changes and global warming and how can we help the situation. When you go back in time and inerac with a past do you create an alternate reality when you return to your present? Where does memory come from? Were the people of Lemuria from another planet? Can memories from "the past" be used to travel back to those times? What is the purpose of seeing spaceships and experiencing telepathy? Are ailments due to blockages of energy in our physical bodies? Acting on your excitement. Can third-density beings like us adopt the frequencies of distant places? Do free energy technologies already really exist? Why have they not been exploited?How can people change the way they absorb energy so they don't need to eat (like Breatharians)? Does Bashar eat and sleep? What is the symbolism of the recent jellyfish crop circle? Why do I feel like a wounded child?A discussion of giving one's power away. Is spoon-bending shifting realities? A discussion of belief systems and permissions slips. How can I tell if the answers I give myself are the truth or an illusion? Understanding how to use spirit guides and synchronicity. What is happening with the world economy? David Icke and reptilian beings. Communication with animals. Does Bashar have darkness in his reality? Discussion of feeling out of control. What is the relationship between sex and the human soul? A discussion of negative sexual expression. What are the roots of the different languages on the planet? The infinite universe as a multiverse.


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