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The Children of the Future


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Session Date: September 15, 2019
Location: Sedona, AZ
Session Length: 2+ Hours

Most of us believe that who we are in the present results from who we have been in the past. In Children of the Future Bashar explains that the idea of letting the past create the present is only one of our choices. He reminds us that the past and the future are only sensory illusions because of The Second Law: everything that exists is here and now. We no longer have to build on who we have been in the past. Bashar has a new process to show us how to create our present from our preferred future. Along with the expanded perspective discussed in “Think Outside the Box”, this creates a whole new way of moving forward in raising your vibration.

 Q&A includes:

• Does Darryl feel appreciated?
• Is it necessary to release a painful childhood to evolve?
• Are other people in my reality real?
• Is what makes something true what I believe to be true?
• Am I still on my path?
• What are you thoughts on ADHD?
• Are we going to be the civilization that crosses over into the 5th dimension?
• How will our relationship with food change during the ascension process?
• What is your recommendation on how we can use crystals?
• Will ETs and other entities communicate with us through AI?
• How can we use social media to benefit humanity?  Bashar discusses the Akashic Records.
• How many people are embodying the love and awareness of your people on our planet right now?
• Is my Sassani counterpart one of your relatives?
• Could you comment on my amethyst crystal skull?
• Did I volunteer for my ET encounters?
• Is humanity evolving?
• How do we disconnect from the continuity experience?  Bashar describes “The Threshold of Believability” idea.
• What was the purpose of the Jews being guided out of Egypt?
• Can you comment on The Torah at all?  Bashar discusses The Ten Commandments.
• What about The Laws of Kosher and The Sabbath?
• Is there an energy vortex in Israel?
• Could you comment on the galactic light language?
• Is my sister a hybrid mother?
• Why do I feel like some of my questions are hidden?
• Who are the 13?
• Am I contacting my future self?
• Have the deities such as Mother Mary, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and Mohammad energetically pulled back?
• When we delete someone from our social media, does it delete them from our reality?
• Where is your ship?
• How is The Amazon burning effecting us?
• Do I need contact?
• Are twin flames a permission slip for entertainment purposes only?
• Could you comment further on the idea of giving the gift of walking away?
• Why do I make the same comical mistakes in love over and over again?
• Is there anything I should know about my connection to the upper dimensions?
• Is there a correlation between channels with the frequency and  vibration of voice?
• Could you comment on my spirit guide?
• Should I sell my house and move to Sedona?
• Could you give me some advice on channeling?
• Is it in my dog’s best interest to stay with me or live with a new owner?
• Am I lacking something inside me because I miss my dog?
• When I am holding my dog, who gets the idea first of rubbing her belly?
• What do the children of now want to tell us?
• What does it mean if a person is feeling overwhelmed when they are following “The Formula”?

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