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Welcome to Sedona The Interdimensional City

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Join Darryl, April and the Bashar Team for our first in-person event since the pandemic! We are so excited to be back in-person, bringing the Bashar community together once again.  In the first session of the Sedona Weekend event, Bashar will introduce us to the magic of Sedona in his own unique way! He will explore the portals and vortices in the Sedona area, and share how we can use them to connect more strongly to extraterrestrials, spirits, inter-dimensionals, and parallel realities. He will show us how to harmonize with the different frequencies for each of those kinds of connections and explain how to take advantage of their multidimensional nature.


Session Date:  September 9, 2023
Location: Sedona, AZ
Session Length: 2 Hours +

Q&A includes

• Do we have themes in dreamtime?

• What kind of new jobs will be created with open contact?

• How much of our true history do we know percentage wise?

• How close are they at Skinwalker ranch in discovering what is underneath the mesa?

• What does the lion energy connect to?

• Can we change our past with parallel realities?

• Are there ant people living in the Earth?

• What are Tic Tacs?

• What is the answer to the most meaningful and relevant question I don't know how to ask?

• What can you tell me about the fire bird?

• Do people feel a disconnection with God when they transition?

• How can I market my healing services knowing that my patients only match my frequency and don't always get healed?

If I am the only one in my reality and my patients are just reflections, who am I conducting healing for?

• How can I regain my excitement?

• What permission slip should I choose to overcome my negative beliefs?

What are your thoughts on Ho'oponopono?
• What is considered new technology on your world?

• Can you tell me anything to help me teach autistic children?

• Do our heartbeats represent higher level frequencies?

• What can you teach me besides The Formula?

And much more!



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