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The Dolphin ET Workshop


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Session Date: 6-12-06

Our workshop begins with a GUIDED MEDITATION deep into your imagination, preparing you for the journey of consciousness into the realm of dolphins and ET's. Bashar shares techniques and information designed to help discover your core being and introduces a new tools for re-wiring the neurological circuitry of your consciousness. We delve into dolphin consciousness when Bashar channels one of the "Dreamer Dolphins" and shares with us the dolphin perspective on living a joyous life. Bashar introduces a new tool for balancing the hemispheres of the brain and discusses enhancing the physical body to become a more conductive receptor of the higher frequencies. The dreamy GUIDED MEDITATIONS he takes us on are just wonderful for enhancing health and conductivity. We have several remarkable moments of synchronicity during this workshop--the first evening begins with a rainbow arching across the sky, and the session ends with an jolting earthquake that occurs the exact moment that Bashar disconnects from Darryl!

Q&A: Using anger in a positive ways. Overcoming feeling cynical. A discussion about the Lemurians, their ascension and some of their tools. Enhancing and deepening our relationship with plants. Manifesting money and abundance. The way sound and music interacts with the Earth matrix. Working with digital sound and the spectrum of information it contains. Bashar suggests chords to work with and describes holographic sound use in the future. Games people can play with dolphins to open our understanding of each other. Why are people afraid of spider. Is there an extraterrestrial race based on insects? Enhancing the physical body to become a more conductive receptor of the higher frequencies. Creating a business symbol. How our brains create time and using your brain holographically. The metaphysics of stem cells. Forgotten dream encounters with Bashar. Interacting with the hybrid children. Bashar interprets tuning fork tones that are played for him. Staying in the here and now. Exploring dolphin communication expressed through bubbles.


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