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Living Your Excitement


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Session Date: 9-30-06

Living your excitement is not only possible, it's your birthright! In this workshop, Bashar takes you on a deep exploration of this idea. He discusses the benefits of choosing to follow your passion and explores ways to transform the challenges that you may encounter when you choose this path. Excitement is connected to your core vibration and is a signpost for guiding your life towards your fullest potential. Bashar describes the "illusion of continuity" and the "zero moment" and how these ideas can be used to manifest your visions as well as expand your ability to understand and experience time/space shifts such as teleportation, inter dimensional shifting and awareness of your past lives. He delves into the nature of physical reality and how our consciousness molds the reality into the world we are experiencing. Bashar then takes us through a visualization exercise designed to rewire our neurology and amplify our ability to manifest the experiences we desire. He also shares a grounding technique for neutralizing negative emotions that can help you effortlessly transform anger, fear, and self doubt. This exercise can be a helpful tool in restoring your mental circuitry to a balanced state even in very difficult circumstances. In the afternoon of the workshop, Bashar explores abundance and it's relationship to your appreciation of yourself and others. He begins to delve into the deeper aspects of our consciousness that prevent us from manifesting the abundance we desire.

Q&A: Working with disadvantaged children and helping them transform their lives. Do we ever come to a point where we choose not to continue having the physical reality experience? Some of the issues around failure and loss of self-worth that can stop us from attempting to live our dreams. Transforming the underlying belief that doing what you love won't support you. When Bashar says "you" is he addressing us as individuals or as part of the larger collective? A sword in the stone vision that represents directly connecting to your source energy. An in-depth discussion of transforming a life that feels doomed because of the belief that "I can't change my core beliefs". A discussion of the Galactic Alliance, the number of members, the societies that are like ours, and the common goal of the Alliance. A new form of alien called "The Freen". More Information on the new institute Bashar is creating for in-depth study of applied metaphysics. Obtaining better health through detoxification. Can detoxification remove abnormal cells and what do they symbolize? Learning to discern what belief systems work for us and which don't. The power and impact of Bashar's transmissions. The meaning of relationships and how to know when to leave. How to communicate in a way that creates peace with those that fervently believe martyring oneself or killing is the way to God. The potential for nuclear terrorism in the Middle East. Sun gazing as an ancient healing practice. Choosing goals that honor your existing beliefs about what you are capable of handling. Did Judas betray Jesus? What happened to Judas after Jesus's death? Another alien form, the "Dilla". Seeing other realities--"the movies of her mind". Staying neutral when things don't feel good. Understanding the physics of manifesting and making conscious choices.


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