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Temple Days


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An exciting Q&A Session with Bashar at this first event of 2016!

Session Date: March 26, 2016
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length:
1.5 hours


Q&A includes:
• Can you help to defragment my ego?
•How can I help heal people that were traumatized?
•What is the meaning of the refugee crisis in Europe?
•Is it possible for others to channel you?
•Is there an ideal diet for humans?
•Some respected people have been saying that the Earth is flat. Can you comment?
•Are we each eternal beings?
•Do we have one life purpose or do we have many life purposes?
•Can you please talk about karma and past lives related to animals?
•What’s the history of how humanoid beings came to Earth and became ourselves?
• What other species then the Anunaki have come to Earth?
• How did the Incas cut stones and move and shape them?
• Can you give us any predictions about the future of Ascension for humans?
• Would you say that between 2025-2033 that the majority of the world will be conscious about our spiritual nature?
• Am I an old soul?
• Is there heaven and hell?



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