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Social Experiment Step Two

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In the Interstellar Alliance Social Experiment: Step 1 Bashar gave us the beginning step on our personal paths to having ET contact. These are specific steps that we can personally take, not just attitudes but actions to ensure that we are resonating with the energy of open contact as much as possible. In the Interstellar Alliance Social Experiment: Step 2 he will give us the next of the cumulative steps that we can incorporate into our daily lives and routines, changing gradually if we choose to do so, if we would like to become increasingly compatible with membership in the Interstellar Alliance. Join us to master the next of the exciting steps on the path to global citizenship as we approach first contact.

Session Date:  March 23, 2024
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2 1/2 Hours

Q&A includes

• Regarding The Interstellar Alliance Social Experiment, does Step Two's guidelines apply to spiritual conversations the same as religious conversations?
• How do we discern a conspiracy theory from new information?
• How can we avoid the idea of Open Contact being labeled a conspiracy theory?
• Are we guinea pigs in The Social Experiment?
• How can we better address homelessness?
• What is something that most civilizations in the universe do not understand about humans?
• Can you tell us more about a unique civilization in our galaxy that we've never heard of before?
• Has the window of open contact changed?
• Why do we choose the human experience seemingly filled with pain?
• What is your advice to overcome trauma and anxiety?
• How can I stay connected with my son if I shift to a parallel earth if he is not in a similar vibration?
• How can I follow my excitement if I am too tired from daily life?
• Can a romantic love relationship and personal freedom exist at the same time?
• What is the purpose of a twin flame?
• Have we passed the point where there is no undoing climate change?
• Why is there so much antisemitism in the world today and in history?
• How can I find my self love?
• Is following your excitement supposed to support you?
• Do I need something more powerful than The AAA Formula to create what I need?
• Is my deceased sister trying to contact me?
• How can I best guide my teenage daughter?
• How can help make changes to the world so we can have a better environment?
• Are all levels of my being aware of my shifting through realities?
• Why can’t I find my joy anymore?

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Includes a guided meditation.



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