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Self Empowerment Workshop


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Session Date: 03-15-87

This very special transformative workshop takes you on a four hour guided meditation designed to allow you to tap into your highest potential for creativity, health, abundance and positive change in your life. Tape I is entitled "Bodily Alignment", with visualizations created to help you relax and rebalance all aspects of your physical body. Tape II focuses on "Psychic Sensitivity", with visualizations designed to teach you to receive information from the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms.

Guided meditations on Tape III focus on "Creativity and Abundance", allowing you the opportunity to transform any limitations you may have to the full expression of your essential self, and Tape IV completes this visual journey with "Awakening and Transformation." The final integrating visualizations that can awaken you to your full power and transform your life in the direction you desire. When you complete this workshop you will truly experience yourself as a newly self-empowered person!

Some general comments...

The "Self Empowerment Workshop" is magnificent! Within weeks of having done this Workshop my entire life transformed. I could not have been more amazed. I have since listened to this workshop several more times and each time the experience takes me to a new level of awareness and joy. Thank you for this wonderful LIFE CHANGING gift.

— A.B., Pasadena, CA

"Bashar’s style with visual imagery is unlike any I’ve ever heard before. His voice and energy propelled me to other realms, touching me on many different levels. Within days of doing this workshop, I saw major improvements in my health. Thank you for this profoundly healing and self empowering experience."

— L. B., Denver, CO


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