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In Two Worlds

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As we approach the window of open contact, many are excited about the possibility of meeting extraterrestrials face-to-face. But how would that work? What effect would that have on the individual person and our society as a whole? How can we shift our personal vibration to be more compatible so that such a meeting could go smoothly? Join us for In Two Worlds: The True Nature of Our Reality, where Bashar will dive into specific details about how his people truly exist. He will share with us what we need to know to embrace them and accept their gifts, so that we can shift to the reality we most prefer!

Session Date:  December 16, 2023
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2 Hours +

Q&A includes

• How many versions of Earth are there?
• Can I make decisions for my counterparts that are here on Earth with me?
• Are spiritual beings like Ascended Masters still elevating their own consciousness?
• What do beings that can shapeshift experience personally while they are moving through the different realities?
• When we shift through different Universes, who takes our place as we enter a new parallel reality?
• Can each frame in parallel realities have multiple perspectives?
• Why do we need ET contact permission slips if these things have already been agreed to before birth? 
• Are our families and pets part of a soul tribe that always experiences things together?
• What is the source of sadness and can it be avoided?
• Someone close to me took their own life 16 months ago.  Was it in her soul contact to commit suicide?
• How is there such a thing as nonexistence?  Does anything not exist?
• Are the negative beliefs that we have actually parallel realities of ourselves?
• How can we get rid of excessive negative thoughts?
• How can we best teach our children about the sprit of Christmas?
• How can I receive the financial support so I can continue on my passion?
• How can I recognize my worthiness of love despite a challenging childhood?
• Are our loved ones the same souls across timelines?
• How will disclosure unfold given our government's resistance to speak on the subject?
• Is Earth the most interesting place in The Universe?
• In your society, do you have large social activities on your motherships?
• Does your civilization use entertainment devices like The Holodeck on Star Trek?
• Is it true that we have powerful knowledge stored in our DNA?
• How much Earth-like life is actually out there?
• How were our governmental officials able to have contact given the frequency differences between species?
Why was I shaking after attending your event?
• Were there giant trees on Earth once?
• Who decides what information you are allowed to share?
• Are there entities who feed off our negativity?
• How does surrendering relate to with one’s excitement?
• Is The Universe teasing me?
• How can I overcome my fear of source?
• Who are the Wanderers?

And much more!





Includes a guided meditation with visuals. Video version recommended.



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