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Take Action


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Session Date: 10-12-08

Session Length: Approx 4 hours

Part 1: "Take Action": Bashar provides and in depth exploration of the importance of taking action when you receive a download from the higher self, in order to manifest the reality you desire. Part 2: "Today is Yesterday's Tomorrow": Bashar gives a series of readings of the energies behind the various changes taking place on Earth and what is in store in our future. Subjects include the economic changes we are currently undergoing, acceptance of open contact with extraterrestrial civilizations and changes in the planet's political landscape.

Q&A: A sharing about taking action to write a book in response to a download from the higher self and how the timing is now perfect for sending the book to publishers. What can I do to heal my ailing vocal cords to maintain my singing skills? What is the difference between knowing how to do something and knowing how something is going to come about? How does one find the ultimate truth? How does the idea of duality or polarity factor into acting on our greatest passion? How does one balance acting spontaneously with acting on true excitement? How can I graciously end a relationship with someone? What can I do to increase my ability to connect with my mother, who has passed on into spirit form? How can I sustain the exciting feeling and flow of creativity energy that I feel in my chest? Do you have a process that can assist the creative process? And how can I change the pattern of my love life? What was causing the flickering of the lights during last night's channeling? How can I take action more effectively in my field of work- film writing and producing? How can I reconcile the ideas of chronological history and everything occurring simultaneously, and what is the role of memory in this? Why do we choose to live in a world that we don't prefer? What is the difference between the spiritual level of someone like myself and a bodhisattva? If I'm passionate about someone's life, can I change that person's life? How can I get my passion to support me? How does the double interpenetrating coil assembly (that Bashar described in June 2008) work? What does it do? Question about non-corporeal consciousness. What note represents the frequency at which the worlds of Bashar and the Shalanaya (sp?) resonate? From what civilization was the mother ship I saw during a sky watch? Do we have hybrids living among us? Question about obligations vs. guilt. As humans shift to fourth density, is it simply a matter of letting go of resistance and opening to All That Is? How can we use crystals to help people open to All That Is?

Bonus Feature: Includes music from Kim Riccelli playing the hang and Carlos and LeAnn of WaveGarden playing crystal bowls and singing.


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