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Session Date: 10-12-08

Session Length: Approx 4 hours

Part 1: "Take Action": Bashar provides and in depth exploration of the importance of taking action when you receive a download from the higher self, in order to manifest the reality you desire. Part 2: "Today is Yesterday's Tomorrow": Bashar gives a series of readings of the energies behind the various changes taking place on Earth and what is in store in our future. Subjects include the economic changes we are currently undergoing, acceptance of open contact with extraterrestrial civilizations and changes in the planet's political landscape.


Why does my throat hurt when I sing?

What is my passion?

How do we follow our imaginations in a dualistic reality where everything turns into its opposite?

What about this idea of not being attracted or repulsed by anything?

When you’re imagining something, aren’t you very much strongly attracted to that?

When I include others in my fantasy world, how does that affect them?

Does fantasy take you out of the present moment?

What can I do to increase my communication with deceased loved ones?

How do I sustain that heart-pounding feeling of excitement? Why does it deflate itself?

Why do I procrastinate?

Is there anything you recommend to prepare writers and filmmakers for the creative process?

How can I change the pattern of my love life?

What was the sensation of a string being pulled from my third eye that I felt during the channeling? And why were the lights flickering during the session?

What exactly happened when I felt all of my chakras align and vibrate, and I left my body?

Can you talk about the synchronicity my friend and I have with our shoes? Are we like two shards of the same broken glass?

How can I raise money for my film project?

If you can’t change the world, you can only change yourself, then why bother?

What is the difference between where I am at and a bodhisattva?

Is appreciation the same as unconditional love?

If I’m passionate about someone’s life, can I change that person’s life?

Should I quit my classes? How will I pay my rent? What if my excitement isn’t supporting me?

When I feel fear, that means I still have the old beliefs?

Can you discuss the double helix cone model for free energy that I brought here? How would it work?

What is the energy that it’s resonating with? What energy, and from where?

Can you explain the relationship between Bashar and Darryl? How does it work?

What tone does Essassani resonate at?

What races will Earth have open contact with? And what tones do they resonate at?

Is the book Rachel’s Eyes, about a hybrid, a true book? And do we have hybrids living among us?

How can we use crystals to help people open more and make the shift? What about music?

Can you talk about the use of crystals in Atlantis?

Are there things that we should be careful of as we are using the crystal bowls?

Do you think it would be a good idea for us to go to places of power to play?

Can you tell me anything about the crystal bowl I’m holding?

Is there a certain frequency bowl that I should use?

Is it true that the Sassani are exposed more than we are to All That Is?

What do people on Essassani find exciting and interesting? Is this part of it, what you’re doing now? Helping other civilizations?

How can I make contact with ETs?

When we make contact, then there suddenly is a shared reality? We create a shared reality?

Bonus Feature: Includes music from Kim Riccelli playing the hang and Carlos and LeAnn of WaveGarden playing crystal bowls and singing.


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