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Becoming a Galactic Citizen Part 3


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The first year of the Window of Open Contact is off to an exciting start! In Part 1 of Becoming A Galactic Citizen, Bashar showed us how to look out the window of our imaginary houses to see the ET activity that is already happening! In Part 2, we went through the door to see what is outside. In Part 3, using the momentum of our building excitement, we will venture beyond The Gate towards new discoveries! Join us as we open The Gate to ET Contact and connect with our extended family from the stars.

Session Date:  March 25, 2023
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2 Hours +

Q&A includes

• Will we have raised our vibration high enough by 2026 to experience ET Contact?
• In the future, will we experience psychic shock by interacting with humans of a higher vibration?
• How will our education methods change after open contact?
• How will open contact affect gorillas and apes?
• Will we become telepathic in the future?
• Do ETs reveal themselves to airplane passengers?
• Do you use transistors in your civilization?
• Why do we still feel the high frequency of your events even in a recording?
• How do you train to experience the negative energies of other worlds?
• Have you ever killed anything in your reality?  Even a plant?
• What is the birthing process in your world?
• Are there other beings involved with the hybridization program besides The Greys?
• Is there snow on Essassani?
• Do you swim with dolphins on your world?
• Do you have pets?
• Do you have weapons on your ship?
• What are phobias?
• What is the best way to parent young children?
• Why do I have nightmares of being victimized?
• What are the psychic surgeries that were performed in Mexico?

And much more!





Includes a guided meditation with visuals. Video version recommended.



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