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ETs and the Multiverse


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Session Date: 11-24-12   

Irvine, CA

Q&A Includes: What are The Ascended Masters from your perspective? How can I redefine a blockage I have on the left side of my body? How can I be more allowing of ET Contact? Where do I come from? Do all Universes contain polarity? Tuning in to the Akashic Records. Bashar explains about testing psychic ability. How can I choose which facet of my excitement to express? How can I tap into abundance? What is your perspective on "Déjà vu?" Cannabis and other "low vibration" substances. How can I have my music reach a larger audience? When is "The Quarantine" of ET Contact going to end? Will there be opportunities to learn about different energy sources and other knowledge from ETs? Is organic food more of a higher vibrational food? What is going on with the Alien Abduction phenomenon? How many lifetimes does it take to achieve masterhood? Do you remember any of your personal incarnations on Earth? A personal thank you to Bashar. Bashar explains "The Four Laws" of creation. How can people find themselves when they feel completely lost in life? What is the destiny of the ground crews after ascension?


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