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The One


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Session Date: 1-25-08

Join Bashar in this outstanding small group session devoted to open questions and answers.

Q&A: What is the nature of the oversoul and how does it connect with its individual extensions (souls)?Why does the oversoul do what it does? How does the oversoul extend its purpose to its extensions? Do all the decisions we make as individuated souls with free will serve the oversoul's theme? Are Bashar's people easily able to connect with their oversoul?What is the nature of time and space-time and what is their importance in studying the process of creation? What is the nature of The One and what is its relationship to time? Is there physicality in higher dimensions or densities?What is the nature of the dimensions just above ours and how can we choose to experience those dimensions? Did an event in the history of Earth cause our civilization to decline?Was the intervention of the Annunaki in Earth's history positive or negative? Are Earth's resources being plundered by extraterrestrials?How can we coexist with negative people on the planet?What is my personal responsibility to life? Are all oversouls in accord with each other? Do we want to experience the wars that are being fought on Earth at this time?If we find and change the core beliefs we hold, will that change the whole reality?What is meant by positive and negative energy?What is the basis of negative energy? How do we change the pattern of control exerted by negative people who feed us the belief that we are all here to make it on our own and everyone is our enemy? If a person changes his vibration enough to shift to a reality where war does not exist, what would that look like? What happens if people using negative energy work together? In choosing the reality one wishes to experience, does one need to be "realistic?" How does one minimize the lapse between imagining a desired circumstance and manifesting it? How can one trust that one's imagination is not being filtered through one's belief system?Do humans have reptilian stuff in us?


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