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Riding the Wave to Ascension


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Session Date:  2-11-12   Los Angeles, CA

Bashar shares an uplifting and clarifying idea of what 2012 is all about and how to navigate the acceleration that is now occurring. He describes the wave of energy that is coming our way and how to be on the leading edge of these exciting times on planet Earth. This session will inspire you to live your best life at this critical time in Earth's history and will provide you with the tools to ride this forward moving wave in a way that reflects balance and confidence. Also included is a wonderful new meditation technique that can help you attract everything you need to surf the wave like a pro and attract to your life the people, places and information that can propel you into the future of your dreams!

Q&A Includes: Who is God and who/what do you pray to? What is the purpose of life? Are you Physical? Pain and Suffering and Karma: how does it all relate? What role does music and entertainment play on Essassani? Am I the only person in this room? What is the highest density before the one? Government and the Illuminati. What is my next step? Is the feeling of Lucid Dreaming similar to what we will feel going to 4th density? Is Jesus Still alive? Solar Gazing and Solar Flares. How can we tap into our photographic memory? Why do I let my vibration lower? Are there immortals on Earth? How much planning for the future does one actually need to do? All about the DMT Experience. How many civilizations exist? What are the 4 Laws ?


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