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Soul Blueprint Workshop


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Session Date: 5-21-05 and 5-22-05

In this workshop Bashar introduces the Soul Blueprint--the template that underlies the life that you are experiencing this lifetime. Through a series of visual aids Bashar explains the energies and themes that make up the blueprint of your life and how that influences the way you see reality. Understanding these ideas can have a profound effect on your perception and understanding of yourself and accelerate your ability to integrate the many aspects of your personality. This session includes a GUIDED MEDITATION designed to put you in touch with the Reality Creation Circuit from which you create your experiences. This CD is the first day of this two day workshop.

Q&A: What the Soul Blueprint means. Understanding your personality. Where you originate from. How past lives effect you. Why you chose to be on Earth at this time. Becoming more aware of the darkness and the light. Former ET lives. How other beings view us. Personal themes for each lifetime. Using synchronicity in your life. Believing in the negative view of reality. Becoming a source of pure information. The quarantine of planet Earth. The impact we have in this world. Exploring the illusion of power vs. the power of the illusion. Understanding the Greys and the abduction scenario. Parallel humans and the evolution of the hybrids. Defining your relation to existence. Genetic manipulation and 12 strand DNA. Attracting what you fear. Transforming foundational beliefs. The Reality Creation Circuit. The effect of sleeping during the meditation. How all our lives are threaded together with the oversoul.

In this second day of the Soul Blueprint workshop, Bashar discusses the relationship of the Soul Blueprint to the oversoul and recognizing the family relationships and contracts you have chosen for this lifetime. He explores how these ideas connect with your choice of being on Earth during this time of the shift to the next level of consciousness and shares ways to integrate the visual charts given in this workshop for your integration and soul growth. Other topics Bashar discusses are the randomness of Creation, the multidimensional nature of these communications, new ways of perceiving your reality, the new physics we are currently exploring, the unconditional nature of "All That Is", the spirituality of physical existence, ways to approaching the tasks of life, what physical reality is, and a GUIDED MEDITATION to your ideal reality.

Q&A: Techniques for changing beliefs in a way that is connected with the heart. Dealing with interactions with negative people. The current violence and negativity in the news. More deeply understanding the illusion of power and the power of the illusion. An in-depth discussion of the oversoul. An example of synchronicity. Dealing with deeply held anger. Pursuing the sensation of closeness to the Source energy. Questions about Bashar's life and activities and descriptions of the work he does. Recognizing imbalances in beliefs, emotions and thoughts. the use of the Reality Creation Circuit. The number of oversouls incarnating on the planet. What enlightenment is. Greys and parallel humans and the reality that resulted in Bashar's creation. Channeling aspects of a certain energy being. An example of a miraculous healing. Becoming the best receiver you can and finding the best frequency for conscious communication with the Higher Self. Wanting to be a channel of frequency and sound. Living in the moment and changing our relationship with time. Questions Bashar does not have answers to. What Bashar is searching for. The effects of the recent tsunami and what that event was about. Integrating the material in the workshop. Possible futures to consider. Buddhist, Hindu and Christian perspectives of the Soul. The Ultimate Reality. The narrowing of the path towards truth. Transforming something negative into something positive. Increasing your vibration for healing. Learning experiences for the Soul. Ways to explore the themes of your life. Examining your confusion to find out who you are.


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