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Sex, Drugs & Aliens


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Session Date: 1-19-07

“In this transformational age the sooner you can allow yourself more integration [with nature] on every level, with everything in your reality, it will help you accelerate greatly. Integration is key now in this transformational age. Those that wait to integrate will find it tougher to do so later on.” - Bashar

Q&A includes:

  • Are recreational drugs a good tool for transforming consciousness?
  • The importance of integrating ourselves and the best way of doing that.
  • How to tell the difference between one's true self and one's ego.
  • The pollution of our air, food and water and the consequences of toxicity on our bodies.
  • The toxicity of smoke including marijuana.
  • If we were living in a society of one love, such as on Essassani, would the division between male and female disappear?
  • Discussion of the Earth changes and the variety of transformations on the planet.
  • The value, during these changes, of being in the state of consciousness one prefers.How does memory work in fourth density?
  • An exploration of curiosity.
  • Is the Bashar material copyrighted?
  • What is Bashar's position about respecting copyright?
  • Why is Bashar involved with humans?
  • What we can learn from children.
  • The nature of the consciousness of the children currently being born on Earth.
  • Is Bashar open to conducting a channeling class?
  • What is channeling and how does it work?
  • Discussion of cosmic heritage and the fact that we all have cosmic heritage.
  • Do people dance a lot on Essassani?
  • Would Bashar be willing to allow his scout ship to be photographed/videotaped by humans?
  • What are the Phoenix Lights and what is our future with that civilization.
  • What is the purpose of play and what is the nature of joy and excitement?
  • An explanation of the choices a spirit may make when incarnating.
  • Why a spirit would choose a body that dies in childbirth.
  • Do souls choose their parents?
  • How can we reconcile the idea of reincarnation with the fact that all realities exist simultaneously?
  • How this life relates to other lives we may have.
  • The purpose of imagination.
  • The phenomenon of channeling.
  • How sex relates to the channeling state.
  • How do members of Bashar's society experience relationships?
  • How we receive support from the universe.
  • What is free will?
  • The power of the heart vs. the head in making choices.
  • Why do some people commit acts of murder and what happens to them when they reincarnate?
  • Is the universe positive or negative?
  • What is God?



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