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One Minute to Midnight

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In One Minute to Midnight, Bashar will take the idea of the Doomsday Clock and re-frame it to allow us to understand how close we may actually be to experiencing open contact. Join us and learn about the concepts surrounding how the clock is counting down to our experience of interaction with extraterrestrial beings!

Session Date:  October 21, 2023
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2 Hours +

Q&A includes

• When did ancient aliens leave the Earth?
• How many animals were on Noah’s Ark and how did they get along?
• Do The Hybrid Children celebrate Halloween?
• What is inside of a black hole?
• When does The Glass Wall disappear?
• How can one maintain balance when living in a warzone?
• Do we meet the God we follow in our personal death experience?
• Do our higher beings have a variety of personalities?
• What is the purpose of life?  Why do we need to be here and just exist?
• Are there beings who can terraform planetary bodies?
• What happens to the person in a parallel reality when we shift?  Does one version stay behind?
• Do nightmares sometimes have a higher purpose?
• What happens beyond Planck time?
Is All that Is alone or is it infinite reflections?
Is it possible to know everything?
• What is your perspective on FOMO- Fear of Missing Out?

 Could you comment on shared realities?
What is The Splitting Prism?
Is The Earth itself going through a transformation?
Do the cells in my body shift?
Can energy be created?
Is EMF Protection just a permission slip?
What are Oversouls, Souls and The Higher Mind?
How can I finally release my fears?
Does source contain both existence and nonexistence?
Is the Pendulum a good tool to use?
 Should we use the formula to determine relevance for our lives?
When will there be peace in The Middle East?

And much more!







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