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The Window, The Door and The Gate


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The window of open contact is about to begin! December 2022 is our last session before the new era commences. Bashar has titled this session "The Window, the Door, and the Gate", to reflect the different stages and levels of preparedness we may want to undertake as we approach open contact. He has a new program for 2023 to reflect the window of open contact, along with new exercises and permission slips for this exciting time. So join us if you wish to raise and align your vibration with that of increased contact.

Session Date: December 17, 2022
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2 Hours +

Q&A includes

• Is our relationship to All That Is like a super robot in the series Voltron?
• Do I need to save The Universe?
• Do we have mirroring reflections in the afterlife?
• Does evil force good to the surface?
• Why am I experiencing more synchronicity lately?
• Is it part of our purpose to be a Good Samaritan?
• How do you teach The Birds and The Bees on your world?
• How can I use my highest excitement to be a non-human Ambassador?
• Does the collective have more weight than the individual?
• A tincture made me have lucid dreams.  Was it real? 
• Do you have transgender people on your world?
• Do you have any more information about the people of Lebanon?
• Is there an energy point in Lebanon that makes it chaotic?
• What are some actual practices to stop caring what people think?
• Will 2023 be a year of famine?
• Did I leave a UFO for myself from a parallel self?
• Can I create any reality I choose?
• Does Jesus teach your civilization?
• Do we create the alternate realities of Earth individually or collectively?
• Can you speak more of the glass wall?
• How does one hone their vibration to their preferred reality series?
• How can I use the rubber band analogy to reframe my year?
• How can we intentionally manifest what we want when we still have to interact with the current reality that exists?
• I still allow my circumstances to dictate my state of being.  Can you help me?
• Does our idea of free will change The Motivational Mechanism?
• How do plans fit in?
• Will anxiety keep me from experiencing open contact?
• What does grace mean to you?
• Was the Earth always a predatory planet?
• How can we get to a state where we don’t choose the negative?
• Is help always available?
• Is it possible for us to incarnate as another ET race on another planet?
• Is it possible to circumvent the laws of physics with your conscious mind?
• What do repeating numbers mean?
• What are some events in 2023 that will have to do with ET contact?
• How is first contact moving forward and accelerating when we have a war going on?
• Is the moon hollow and used as a base?
• How do the Sacred Circuits effect our brain just by watching them?

And much more!




Includes a guided meditation with visuals. Video version recommended.



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