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This Transmission Has No Title


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Bashar: We will be exploring the idea, of what you call randomness, filling in the blanks, making open spaces for things to come in without preconception. We will co-create together what the title actually will be. So the title is “This Transmission Has No Title” because we will together create a title by exploring different spaces, ideas and perspectives, that will allow information to come exactly when it needs to, in perfect timing.

This Transmission Has No Title” is about experiencing more of the idea of knowing what you need to know in perfect timing, not before and not after, but only in that perfect moment when the information needs to come.

Session Date: May 23, 2020
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2+ Hours

Q&A includes:

• What shifts would you need to see for more UFO sightings to occur?
• What is the best way for channels to grow to deepen our contact with the beings that we connect with?
• How often does Willa perform the Divinorum ceremony?
• Have I had any contact with The Precursors?
• Is not voting kind of like voting to have no government?
• Is non-action a form of action as well?
• Can you speak more on the concept of cause and effect being the same?
• Where is your ship now?
• Is there more ET contact happening now or just more awareness of that?
• What is the role of the other ET ships pumping energy into the planet?
• Is changing our agreements different from breaking them?  How does this relate to themes?
• Is The Formula universal like The 5 Laws?  Do you give The Formula to other species?
• Do my ET connections relate to the ancient tribes of Nigeria?
• Did my DNA shift dramatically?
• What beings am I connecting to when I do my grounding work?
• Why do some people have many names?  Does that mean they cross connect with many version of themselves?
• Could you comment more on permission slips?
• When trying to sleep I feel surge of energy going through my body.  Why does that happen?
• Does The Fifth Law imply that all constants will change like gravity?
• Can you help me connect to a deceased loved one?
• Why did I have a reoccurring nightmare about a witch when I was younger?
• How can I achieve the forgiveness that you spoke of in The Eye of The Needle
• Are emotions a personal choice not an effect of what someone else is doing?  Bashar explains the “What would I have to believe is true” thought process.
• Should I simply think of things that I desire to manifest them?
• What is the difference between feelings and emotions?
• What is the role on Non-US Citizens in voting and its relation to contact?
• Could you please share some positive and negative examples of different realities that have diverged themselves from this current timeline starting at the 2012 splitting prism?
• Could you comment more on my copper pyramid and how to activate it?
• Do you have some more advice or practices on how to deepen my connection with nature spirits and how can I work with them doing my healing work?
• Could you speak on the process of a human shape-shifting into an animal and also if that process is different from what the hybrids do in terms of shape-shifting?
• When do you think this pandemic and the confusion is going to end?
• Was this virus man-made, artificially generated in a lab or was it organically generated in nature?
• Who are the creators of the system Earth and are they still among us?
• Is Earth a special place in the universe? Do our emotions have anything to do with that?
• Regarding hypnosis, how can I use the tool of self-hypnosis or guided hypnosis to change my reality based on The Law of Attraction?
• Is there a parallel Earth with its environment restored that has not had ET contact?
• How much do parallel realities vary?  Do landscapes and physical structures change?
• Is the best way to approach the pandemic that we are currently in to go with the flow and make the most of the time rather than wrestling with questions about what’s true and what’s not true about the situation?
• Does this pandemic that we are now in relate to the concept of purgatory?
• What happens to other versions of "me" in realities that are not as fortunate?
• What can I do when my passions are limited by the pandemic?
• What would birds, deer, moose, foxes etc do if they did not have to spend their time foraging for food, fleeing for their lives or killing prey and just surviving?  Can animals evolve spiritually?
• What is the actual title of this session?

And much more!


Includes a guided meditation with visuals. Video version recommended.



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