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Exploring The Portal of Probabilities


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Join us in the vortex! – The Portal of Probabilities – which, as Bashar states, is the reason that the city of Las Vegas even exists in that area. Bashar discusses how you can tap into this portal to connect to different probable outcomes or realities that are more in alignment with your preference of experiencing your physical reality. Discover how more conscious awareness of this energy in the portal of probabilities can aid and assist you in making all sorts of connections and downloads to information that will be beneficial for you as you move forward in your day-to-day experience of life and beyond.

Session Date: May 4, 2019
Location: Las Vegas, NV

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Q&A includes:

• Is Ashville, NC a powerful vortex?
• Is imagination more real than this reality?
• Were the ancient Indian deities like Krishna ETs?
• As humans in our current state, are we capable of feeling unconditional love?
• When I follow my passion does it serve the collective?
• When I facilitate shamanic journeys I channel an unknown language.  Could you comment?
• What is my connection to the number 17?
• How can one distinguish their thoughts coming from the physical mind, higher mind or some outside source?
• Why did I become paralyzed during an ET encounter?
• Why did I see a baby in a contact experience?
• Who are my guides?
• What star system did I come from?
• How can we best handle resistance from "haters"?
• Can you assist me in helping traumatized youth?
• How can I best give spiritual training to my child without confusing him?
• How can I better thrive in this reality?
• How can I raise funding for a project?
• How can I use my ET contact experiences in this time and space?
• Do you skydive in your reality?
• Is the rate for transformation on the planet increasing?
• What is your perspective on ayahuasca and psychedelic mushrooms?
• Will we rise to the level of consciousness of Eckart Tolle in the coming years?
• Why are random objects showing up in my reality?
• Are ETs communicating with us?
• How can I overcome the fear of following my passion?
• Should I leave my job?
• What are the mechanics of enlightened beings who manifest objects materially?
• Does enlightenment include the ego?
• Do thoughts actually have form, like in the book "Reality Transurfing"?
• Can archetypes influence us whether we are aware of them or not?
• Are miscarriages related to the hybrid agenda?
• Do we try-on different realities in dreamtime?
• Can you tell me more about my experience with the painted ladies butterflies?
• What are the healing properties of sunflowers?
• What is my synchronicity with the infinity symbol?
• Could you give some insight into how I can heal my foot?
• A graphic Facebook post disturbed me.  Could you help?
• Can you further discuss the energy of mastermind meditations?
• What challenges does the human race face in terms of our existence?
• How can I use my excitement to explore the divine feminine?
Is the collective heading towards the divine feminine?
• Could you comment on the terraforming of our moon?
• Are there secret alien agendas?
• If life is more vibrant in spirit, why did I choose to come here?
• Do I surf on higher levels?
• Do you feel me when I am connecting with you?
• Are there blind entities living underground?
• Could you comment on my use of monoatomic nickel and monoatomic chromium?
• I astral projected to Jupiter. What was the ringing I heard?
• Were there furrows being created on Mars in my astral projection?
• Do I have a connection with the Black League of Orion?
• Do you use astrology in your civilization?
• What is the correlation between your family crest and Earth's lay lines?
• If AI reaches the point of self-awareness, from where does the consciousness come?
• Was Bigfoot chose by The Anunnaki to mix DNA for its Have our scientists come close to discovering dark gravity?
• If like attracts like, why do magnets attract each other?
• I had a dream that I was in a spaceship with all my family. Did that really happen?
• Why don't I remember my dreams?
• Is my pregnancy related to the hybrid agenda?
• How can I become better at dealing with conflicts?
• Should I accept a leadership role at my job even though I will have to make changes to my family life?
• How high above Sedona is your ship right now?
• How could something like the Las Vegas shooting happen when so many people were in a high vibrational state?
• Do you have a formal education system in your society?
• What kinds of plants and animals exist on your world?
• Do any of the animals on your world choose to be your pets?
• Are there cats on your world?
• What are the signs that you are in or around a vortex?
• How can we get over the regret of past mistakes?

And much more!



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