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A Matter of Faith Q&A


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Session Date: 11-3-07

At this first night of a weekend devoted to the exploration of faith, Bashar shares introductory comments on faith and the concept of moving to the next level of awareness into knowing. He then opens the session to questions and answers from the audience.

Q&A: What is the difference between metaphysics and New Age? How does the Law of Attraction work into the recent wildfires in California? How does Bashar define karma, fate, and free will? If karma is self-imposed, how do we clear or change it? Is Bashar still in orbit over Cairo? Discussion of democracy vs. republic and how we are our government. Is faith a matter of timing? Discussion about the Great Pyramid of Giza, the measurements it shares with geometry and astronomy, and the synchronicity of that. A dream about a new car with an accelerator with a life of its own and increased water levels on the road. Staying in a Hopi structure that is symbolic of a "time capsule," and a hyper-reality visit by hybrid beings. Discussion of consciousness, "the invisible," and infinity. Cultural obstacles to having "fun" at work. Definitions of "good" and "bad" and the ethics of "cracking" computer software written by others. If it's true that time is a function of consciousness and doesn't really exist out there, then how can it be true that all conscious creation results from frequency matching when frequency is itself dependent on time? Examples of how collective awakening is manifesting itself in other civilizations both on Earth and other planets and dimensions. A question about a symbol of personal awakening and connection; A discussion of the desire to channel. Explanation of the creation of Bashar's civilization as a hybrid race of humans and grays. How best can I become more functional and surround myself with functional people? Is it possible for me to experience what I know without filtering it through my belief system? How do the first three laws create the fourth law, and how does the fourth law create the first three laws? Human DNA is the blending of DNA from how many extraterrestrial races? How does that number compare with the other beings in our galaxy? Who are the seven extraterrestrial races from which we are made? Following your heart in matters of love when money is an obstacle. Is the higher vantage point possessed by the higher self a design that occurs only in third density, or do higher densities have it too? Does Bashar have a higher self? What art forms does Bashar have on his planet? What is the purpose of the long-lived people on Earth? Are they chosen? Following your passion.


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