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Let's Get H.I.G.H.


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Now that the prism has split in a different direction, Bashar has a new permission slip we can use to ride the wave of transformation. Each of the letters in H.I.G.H. represents a different state of being that we can create for ourselves, a stable bubble reality that each of us can choose for ourselves. Big changes are accelerating again, and so Bashar is giving us another strategy to remain grounded in the reality that we most prefer, consciously creating our best experience of excitement.

Session Date: January 30, 2021
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2 1/2 Hours

Q&A includes:

• How can we tell the difference between positive and negative beliefs?
• What is the purpose of negative energy?
• How can a person tell if a channel is real and if they are actually channeling an entity?
• What is the best way to handle grief?
• When you die do you reconnect with the people you've lost?
• How can we get over ruminating about what might have been?
• What do some choose to ignore science?
• If someone is so focused on a conspiracy theory, will they generate that reality for themself?
• What is your take on the term "falling down the rabbit hole"?
• What do you have to say about mind control?
• What is the Interstellar Alliance and is it different from the galactic federation of worlds?
• Since the galactic vibration is so high, why is there a need for alliances or federations?
• Could you speak on attraction and the field of electrons?
• Does each version of us have a different higher self?
• Are there ETs that preserve our extinct species of animals?
• What was The Earth actually like before humans arrived?
• What is the purpose of viruses and are the conscious?
• What is the distinction between elementals and nature spirits?
• Did Adam and Eve actually exist?
• What was the role of Lilith in this story?
• Were the genetic modifications done in a laboratory?
• What was the Garden of Eden?
• What was the serpent that came to them?
• In the story of Exodus, did the Jews realize that is was aliens taking them out of Egypt?
• Did the aliens want us to believe they were Gods or was it just a misunderstanding?
• Could you please comment more on the interaction of Moses and The ETs on top of Mt. Sinai?
• Could you comment on the origins of The Star of David?
• Why were the Jews lead out of Egypt but not protected from The Holocaust?
• Could you clarify what you mean when you say that all pain is resistance to the natural self?
• Do you have any comments on the Covid vaccine?
• Could you comment on future healing methods through resonance?
• Could you comment more on the locational variable idea that you ships use to travel through space?
• Could you comment more on the astral projection that can happen in the King’s chamber in Egypt?
• Why have I been having such bad dreams lately?
• What about dreams of Tsunamis?
• Are my scary alien dreams designed to help me remember contact?
• Does the astral projection process feel like death?
• Could you comment on beings that incarnate to serve a negative purpose?
• What psychedelic would be closest to the Eshakani frequency?
• How can I further serve The Eshakani?
• What is going on with Alzheimer’s and dementia?  How do they experience this?
• Which ET races have altered our DNA besides the Anunnaki?
• Are the Anunnaki non-physical beings now?
• I am correct in understanding that the grey have the same Anu ancestors?
• Could you comment on my recent synchronicities with birds especially crows?
• I saw 3 grays at the hot springs in Sedona, could you comment?
• Do more advanced civilizations have soul schools?
• Is the average human life expected to be longer?
• In the future, will plastics be replaced or will we find better ways to recycle them?
• As we are approaching open contact, what is the possibility we would encountering negative ET beings?

And much more!



Includes a guided meditation with visuals. Video version recommended.


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