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The Last Days of Atlantis


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Session Date: October 4, 2019
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2+ Hours

What was it like to live in Atlantis? What became of the people? And why should we know about it now? Finally a session where Bashar gives us everything we’ve ever wanted to know about The Last Days of Atlantis. In this transmission we will learn about this pivotal culture in human history and be given a chance to grow and change from our ancient past. This session and The Angels of Orion address our current social and political upheaval by teaching us the historical patterns that are repeating again in this time of transformation. This is the perfect time to learn the true story of our collective consciousness as we decide who we are becoming.


Q&A Includes:

  • How many times have I heard you ask, “Are you following your excitement, to the best of your ability, with no insistence that anything should happen?”
  • When someone tells you who they are, why do you say, “If you insist?”
  • When your people meet someone each time what is that experience like if they are seen as a forever-unfolding consciousness that’s not the same person? How would you approach your father?
  • How is attraction different on Essassani when there’s no resistance? How do you come to say this is something I’m purely excited about? How is it different than how we are on Earth?
  • Is your spaceship an extension of your consciousness?
  • Can you tell me about the people known as Melchizedek?
  • What extraterrestrial civilization was involved with my dream of flying in an airplane that was actually a ship?
  • How best can we prepare ourselves and our bodies for this time of transformation?
  • What do you think about dragons?
  • Will Atlantis return physically? Will it be soon? Will it be a place we can visit? Did you have a lifetime there?
  • Are you one being or a collective?
  • Will Atlantean consciousness will be imprinted on or affecting us in the present? What does it mean when you say, “Arise, Atlantis?”
  • Can I dispel illusions that I’ve potentially accepted as truth? Can I regain my truth and go back to before drugs may have damaged me somehow?
  • Is the number of data points we can process increasing?
  • Should I continue my art career?
  • If it’s not another entity, what am I channeling?
  • What kind of materials did the Atlanteans make their drums out of? What were the proportions? How were they used for hypnosis? Would the drums be in a temple of certain proportions? Or used outside?
  • Is there any syntax we could open up from the Atlantean language?
  • Is our idea of hypnosis akin to the Atlantean idea? Are there specific differences?
  • Was this the center point of Atlantean education?
  • Was Atlantis a worldwide initiation culture?
  • Must we have some resistance to have an existence?
  • Can you talk about the gnostic scriptures that were taken out of the Bible?
  • When Enoch became Metatron was that the idea of one of the Annunaki ascending into higher spiritual initiations?
  • How have you experienced Thoth?
  • When you’re working with the channel’s electromagnetic field Is there a feedback that happens with specific audiences?
  • What does Santa Cruz, California represent in terms of the portals of the Earth?
  • Is me having to give up driving my automobile me voting for that cleaner parallel reality?
  • What can you tell me about the Sirian Council of 13?
  • Have you landed in 2066?
  • Most of what we know of Atlantis comes from the Cayce material. Can you talk about the migration to Egypt and the pyramid prophesies which end in 2038? How are they so precise?
  • Can you talk about the fire stone that was accidentally tuned too high and contributed to the destruction of Atlantis?
  • Can you discuss hubris, pessimism, and cynicism?
  • Was there was another version of Atlantis that didn’t undergo the destruction?
  • Did the Atlanteans splice human and animal DNA together? Would we find that offensive now, what they were doing? Why did they do it?
  • Do the current catastrophic changes in the Bahamas imply any mirroring effect of the fall of Atlantis?
  • Was Bermuda part of Atlantis? Was the triangle part of it?


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