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The Awakening


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Session Date: June 20, 2014 
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length:
2 + hours  

Explore lucid dreaming with Bashar in a more precise way than ever before. Activate a special new permission slip to enhance your ability to become lucid in your night and day dreams!

Q&A includes:
• Recently there was some research from Mexico where they found that the influence of the Spanish didn't impact their DNA. How did that happen?
• From our future, what can we learn from our DNA?
Did I make contact with a Sasquatch being?
• Did I make contact with a Sasquatch being?
• If we have contact experiences, can we go from a lucid dream to past dream memories or more specifically those contact memories?
• Is there a specific ET group that my family is connected to?
• Why do sexual fetishes exist and what is their purpose?
• Edward Leedskalnin ("Coral Castle") - did he use the technology that the Egyptians used?
• Why did I experience paranormal things as a child, like my name being called?
• Am I also related to the Yayel like my brother? How can I hone my channeling skills?
• Do you pick your mates and kids ahead of time?
• I have to take a lot of narcotics due to a back injury. Does that block me in my life?
• What makes the rings of Saturn? Is it EMVs or are creatures making them?
• How serious is the radiation situation in Japan?
• There have been stories about humanoids from Venus. Have they interacted with people on Earth?
• Do you know the origin of the two orange sphere shapes recently seen in Orange County?
• Bashar speaks on Fibonacci spirals.
• Is it better to wake up with the sun or follow your own rhythm?
• When you're dreaming, are you in the reality that you can lay the blueprint for realities you want to experience?
• Why do I get headaches from light?
• Do you poo on Essassani?
• Can I become a better singer like I was in a dream?
• Does pain play a part in our challenge of dealing with limitation?
• Is there a point to pain?
• It seems like humans fail to experiment. Why are we so savage?
• Did your people have to go through this type of transformation?
• What is it that you are working on at this time?




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