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How The Oversoul Works


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What is the oversoul? Who else are you connected to, in what other timelines? In How the Oversoul Works, Bashar will explore the oversoul, that central core of consciousness from which a multitude of personalities may emerge. The oversoul is like a hand and each of us is like one of the fingers on the hand. We may interact during our lifetimes with other beings from the same oversoul -- our counterpart lives – or with other oversouls, for many different reasons. Bashar will explain how these interactions occur and go more deeply into the whole idea of learning to view life, while being physical, from the perspective of the oversoul. Join us to learn about the spiritual connections we may share across time and space, through a central hub of our consciousness, the oversoul.

Session Date: June 25, 2022
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2 Hours +

Q&A includes:

• I am pregnant. Does my oversoul pick the oversoul of my unborn baby?
• How and when are the chakras formed in a fetus?
• Is the oversoul a stream of consciousness like Abraham says?
• When humans pray are they praying to God or to the oversoul?
• What is the need for all souls to go through oversouls?
• How did oversoul conclude that they needed the concept of density to discover something?
• Does the oversoul choose our theme for us?
• Can our oversoul take on other forms of life like plant and insect life?
• Do our oversoul have branches in different dimensions?
• What is the best technique to heal a soul fragmentation?
• What technique can we use to see auras around us?
• Do spirits incarnate by choice?
• What is our oversoul learning from our broadcast today?
• Do oversouls have oversoul?  How many different levels are there?
• Do you have the ability to talk directly to the oversoul?
• How can I overcome vibrational bullying?
• Do we exist independently when we pass or do we get absorbed into the oversoul?
• Where do innovative ideas come from?
• How can we talk directly to our higher mind?
• Can you speak more on the concept of counterparts?
• How do we as humans overcome our bad cravings and addictions?
• Do signature vibrations evolve or change over time?
• Do all humans come from a heavenly state?
• Do you have pets on your home ships?
• Why did our oversoul remove the dinosaurs via asteroid and not allow them to evolve like Sasquatch or humans?
•  Can we still live in a new Earth even if we don’t comprehend what you talk about?
• Is our All That Is different from the All That Is on Essassani?
• What happens if our excitement leads to struggle?
• Do the benefits of chanting “OM” work everywhere in this universe?
• What is the best way to go about beginning projects?

And much more!



Includes a guided meditation with visuals. Video version recommended.



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