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A Third Reality


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Session Date: 8-11-07

This private group session is awesome! Bashar was invited to join the Paul Lowe Workshop in Northern California and share his perspective with the participants. Monologue: Bashar explores the creation of a third reality. Why passion is important- what it's function is. He discusses In depth, the relationship between the higher mind, brain and physical mind and how to get them to work together so you can be in ecstasy. What is fear and why fear is your friend. What unconditional love really means. What is the core energy of creation? Your power as a Creator in deciding what things mean and what you choose to believe. The Four Laws of Creation.

Q&A: Excitement and addiction. How you can discern and what addition is. Falling asleep listening to Bashar. What the effect is on your soul from experiencing life on Earth, since it is so difficult here. What happens if we humans as a species don't "make it"- is it a great loss and a shame? What are the repercussions in space? Quieting the chatter of the physical mind so the higher mind can do it's job. Learning to be individuals harmoniously within a group. Channeling as a "permission slip". What causes pain and how it is connected with resistance. Following your passion in your imagination vs. taking action. Feeling selfish for taking time to be introspective. What does 2012 mean for our planet? How a healer actually heals others. Despair caused by feeling a lack of meaning in one's life. Ways of dealing with chronic pain. Pain of her son's drug addiction and how she is responding. An in depth description of the negative, dark entities in the universe and how to relate to them. Child rearing tips from Bashar for raising children. Guiding children on following their passion and using their imagination. Why human's are so focused on sex. The many purposes of sleep and how it helps in healing. What does "you are your own reality" really mean? How to connect with other realities. Understanding the many nuances of linear time-space and making it more malleable . How does Bashar's government work and what activities do they focus on? Using "not knowing" to your benefit. Teaching children through experiential learning that is designed to take advantage of a child's strengths. More specifics on how swimming with dolphins helps to prepare for ET contact.


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